[Desktop] Accessibility for blind and low Vision Users

We've reach mid 2017 and still the Windows and Mac versions of Spotify are not even usable to blind users. Now that Apple Music has arrived I think it is time to push accessibility to the top of the list. I've seen lots of posts from other people being closed due to lack of kudos. Really? Accessibility is a right, not a social thing.

I ask the Spotify dev team to implement accessibility for screen reader users in both Windows and Mac platforms

Updated on 2020-06-09


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I agree. They feel like they don't have to do anything about it because they aren't held accountable under the Americans with Disability Act. Spotify doesn't care about blind people. I recommend switching to Apple, they actually have an accessible media player. Shame on you Spotify. No kudos for you.

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Thank you very much for your votes. This is the new petition from 2017, the last one was closed, and so were the previous ones. This is not a Spotify vs Apple, this only concerns accessibility. The thing is that Apple developed their project with accessibility guidelines, whereas Spotify takes it as a totally secondary topic.

 What I don't get is why Spotify created, for example, their iOS app with accessibility features and keeps ignoring their desktop platforms.


I kindly ask you guys to share and promote this petition. It needs at least 50 cudos every year to be active, but it would be great if a lot more could be achieved.


Thank you very much again

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For this, could we also move to a lighter desktop skin? I typically use my iphone spotify because the screen can get much brighter than my laptop screen or the text against the black just seems brighter (bolder) on the phone vs. a computer screen (maybe the screen and resolution on the phone is better?). The iPhone version is really beautiful and easy to read. I really do not like using the desktop version of spotify because it just strains my eyes/ the black background and lightly coloured thin text is hard to see (I wear glasses, current prescription and I'm only 28.. can't be getting that old but I'm infront of a screen all day switching from bright boxes to the super dark spotify box is difficult).  If there was a way to make the text bolder on the black desktop version that would be fantastic or the option to make the background light with bolder black text. Typing in this comment box is easier and more crisp on the eyes than using the desktop version of spotify... just saying.... white and this green coulour would be a nice alternative too. Love spotify! Thanks for everything you all do to make music listening and catalouging fantastic! 


That's something very important, I'm sure giving you a +1 for this idea
Maybe a first good thing would be to be able to choose the colors of the spotify app window and make it responsive to add some text size customization options.

A big + would be a feature that allows users to ask for music with their voice, the user gives the title of a track or an album or an artist or a playlist and Spotify app answers with multiple choices, the user select with it's voice the number corresponding to the choice and can use vocals commands : play, stop, next, previous...
Everything that can help to browse music and listen it.

A lot of people are loving Spotify worldwide and any feature that can enlarge the possibilites of using it is a very good thing

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Hello guys and girls,


I've been busy so I haven't been able to check on this petition lately.

First I want to thank the new accessibility requests by voting here, It is very much appreciated.

A few weeks ago I came across atweet by someone called Shaun Bent asking for things that need to be fixed on the desktop client If you need to, you can reach him here, please be reasonable and stick to accessibility issues only, and only for the desktop client.



Thank you very much, and, if you're reading, thank you aswell, Shaun


Hello all,


I was a Spotify premium user a few years  ago (I canceled my subsciption in 2013) because accessibility was awful under iOS and Windows and all my requests were simply ignored by  the Sotify staff. I've now decided to give a new try to Spotify about 4 years later because Deezer, the last  music provider I was using was putting less efforts in making their apps accessible and cumfortable to use with a screen reader like NVDA or VoiceOver.

And I have to say that things seem to have positively changed. The iOS app is now a pleasure to use, at least with VoiceOver and the windows desktop app (the one we can find on spotify.com, not the Windows 10 one available on the Microsoft store) is not so difficult to use, at least with NVDA: Even if it's a webview, all controls are clearly labeled and it can be controlled using the screen reader built-in functions (titles, regions etc) and some convenient keyboard hotkeys are available to control music playback. Only some controls which can be found in the "Plus" menu like the one used to share on Twitter or Facebook have to be activated using object navigation.


So, as concerning me, things could be improved in the windows desktop app but for the time being, I'm having a decent experience with Spotify. Keep on doing a good job guys and please keep on improving accessibility for your visually impaired customers, you are on the right way.

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Couldn’t agree more!!


Having said that, I'm encountering an issue with the Spotify windows
App. In the settings, we are unable to check boxes neither with NVDA
nor with JAWS screen readers. Moreover, when using the tab key to
switch between controls, the label of the checkboxes is not reported
by the screen reader, it just says "Checkbox not checked".



Accessibility affects everyone!   Please fix this bug


Also, when I adjust the font size in iOS, my Spotify app becomes illegible becomes illegible...