[Desktop] App for Windows RT

I love Spotify.

Spotify app for windows RT would be nice and I know many want it. But I know there are apps for other plattformas that are requested to. 


This Idea people have voted for Windows RT app. 



Updated: 2016-10-10

Hey folks, as Windows RT is a discontinued operating system we're marking this as Case Closed. Thanks for your continued feedback here in the Idea Exchange. 

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Yeah, need to know or be considering a switch to xbox music


Just bought my Surface and was bummed to see Spotify missing. The WP7 UI was one of the best apps (both for Spotify and Windows Phone.) Would have been a great Day 1 app! You guys have 14 days until I have to return it, so...


Yes no spotify and no sign or info of an app being developed.

Xbox music is working fine and cheaper....

Come on spotify ! do something...

We do not have Xbox music in the uk yet so this would be great to have, if not and an iOS version comes out (for Xbox music) and the library is comparable I may transfer.

I would also love to see a Spotify app please!  XBox music is awesome in terms of features, but you know what?  The sound quality is garbage  compared to Spotify, and that is really important to me.  Help!


I also just got a Surface RT... I love Spotify and was hoping to see it released at launch or at least have some kind of hint in regards to development.... I got a free one year Sxbox Music membership... Idk what to do. I guess I'm gonna try Xbox Music out and see if i like it. If they release an iOS app for Xbox Music then I might consider switching to it as well... after all I'll have a whole year of premium for free.

(I got the free one year pass by being one of the first 100 to buy a Surface at my Microsoft Store.)

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+1 from me. 

Please don't let us down like on WP 7.5. Just make a nice modern-ui-app.
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Pls create an application for Windows Phone 8 and Windows RT. I don't want to switch to XBOX Music


Thumbs up for this! Would hate to quit my sub to switch for xbox.