[Desktop] Automatic Proxy Detection - DHCP WPAD

The Spotify Windows version don't support
automatic proxy detection when the network uses DHCP WPAD.
The Spotify client should be able to read the proxy configuration when
DHCP Option 252 is used in an corpoate network.
About Implementing WPAD
The Spotify client should download the wpad.dat file,
where Spotify will get the url for where this file is located by reading the DHCP Option 252 (if exist) when the client is using DHCP. The WPAD.dat contains all ip adresses of the proxy servers and ports to be used and also the adresses that shall be excluded for proxy.
 Internet Explorer, Edge and Chrome browser do support DHCP WPAD so that the end user don't need to configure the proxy settings when moving between various nettvork.



Reccomend to implement DNS WPAD also at the same time for corporate networks that uses DNS WPAD. 

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Extremely unhelpful update for 'normal' users. **bleep** does this gibberish mean? Are you deliberately adding acronyms and terms lay people have no idea what means or is this a forum for experts only? Websites are not the place to try and make yourself look more intelligent with obscure words! If this is for IT people only - why did I get notified via email about this?


Use words and terms people understand.

Yes, I'm stupid - but so are a lot of people - know your audience!


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Hello PffWhatever,


Can understand that this can sound gibberish if you don't have the knowledge
and understanding for what "WPAD" is. But this is the forum where to suggest ideas and improvement to the dev team of Spotify.

The purpose if this Idea, is to ensure and to allow the Spotify client to "Automatically Detect" and configure the Spotify client to automatically locate correct "Proxy Server" settings (under Preferences | Advanced Settings | Proxy) by using the DHCP WPAD or DNS WPAD protocoll. This allows the end user to use Spotify wihout needing to do any manual proxy configuration when moving between networks where proxy is required. E.g. moving from your PC from office netowrk to home network.  


As it is now, the ned user must manually configure proxy on/off accordingly.

This can be resolved by getting the Spotify Client to support "DNS/DHCP WPAD"
when proxy setting is configured to "auto detect", which increases the user friendlyness, and you want that!

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Similar to my idea posted at the begining of last year for Spotify to increase proxy support in general, especially for an Automatic configuration script proxy, for use in environments where this is used to deliver Proxy settings, 3rd party web proxy services from cloud providers to corporate environments are becoming more common as policing the internet for company staff is a full time job (we're talking about blocking p0rn, weapons, drugs, and at the same time preventing hacked websites or fake websites delivering malware payloads to computers through web browsers, not blocking staff's use of Facebook, though on occasion Managers do ask us to do this).




Please consider general "automatic configuration" of proxy settings support in Windows client of Spotify for Auto Detect, both by DHCP/DNS and by explicitly set script pac file location in Internet Options.


horgster can you expand your idea to include both please? Thanks.


For some context for Spotify Devs (and Spotify users), help IT Administrators in corporate locations allow staff to be able to use stress relievers like Spotify, but at the same time satisfy the IT Security people that it IS going through the company web proxy, logged and managed, but without the IT Service Desk personnel moaning about hundreads of tickets to help users set up Spotify to work in the office, then complain when it doesn't work when they leave their office with their laptop and try to use elsewhere.


Spotify Windows Client's "Auto Detect" is currently unable to process the use of either "Automatically detect settings" (DNS/DHCP) and "Use automatic configuration script" in "Local Area Network (LAN) Settings" of "Internet Properties/Internet Options" on a Windows system, it can only process the explicit use of the bottom half of the dialog "Proxy Server", however in corporate environments these days the use of Automatic configuration is more common than explicit Proxy settings, at least in larger environments. Home users are very unlikely to use a Proxy server in the first place, if they do, it's likely to be explicitly set and only one computer to worry about, IT Administrators have hundreads, thousands or more computers to manage.


For anyone Spotify users reading this, ok, maybe you don't listen to Spotify at work, maybe your job doesn't afford you the opportunity, maybe you resort to using your mobile phone with earbuds in, that's fine, however if you are an office working, stuck in front of a PC screen for 7.5 hours a week, or know someone who does, think of them and how much better it will make their 5 out of 7 days a week (on average) better by being able to plug in headphones into the PC and listen to music while working.


For them or yourself, please give this idea votes so Spotify will make it happen, on average this is not a huge development to incorporate, so it will not delay some amazing new feature by years to implement, and will make countless workers much happier.


Also, yes we're aware of the web player, that is currently our suggested workaround to staff, however the feeling is this is inferior to the Desktop client for various reasons they want to be able to use the Windows client.

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Maybe @blake could give us some feedback on this new idea if it will be added to the roadmap soon?

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Hi @horgster, I'll ask for this thread to get an update from staff. 🙂

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Hi @blake

Have not got any feedback from you regarding this thread!
This would be very usefull to have implemented.

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@horgster I've asked for an update but I've heard nothing yet.

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Hi @blake

Any update ?

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