[Desktop][Browse] Navigation with Tabs (Multitasking)

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Discovering new and exciting music on Spotify is its key magic!

While browsing the desktop software I wish I could open several tabs at once.


Let me show the experience; I enjoy a certain artist and then I can open a new tab with related artists I might like. In addition, open some playlists of this genre, to discover some more. Currently I have to give up on my curiosity and sometimes forget where I started my journey!


Although it didn't have enough upvotes before, I think it would be an AMAZING upgrade.


Thank you.


Updated on 2022-01-19

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As such, we're marking this case as closed. This includes any similar suggestions that are received.

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Updated on 2020-01-14

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😯 I like this idea. You can always use tabs on the web app in a web browser, but having tabs in the desktop app sounds like a great idea. I'd love this for when I'm doing a deep dive into discovering new music and organizing my playlists at the same time. That would be way better than going back and forward between pages, especially when looking at multiple artists, albums, and playlists at a time.


Definitely would be a nice option to use. You got my vote




I came to post this idea when I saw yours... We def need this feature please! 🙏



When you play a large playlist in random order, it would be great if you could open a new tab and thus not loose your current playing order when switching to another list / song.

Also, make this option available for mobile devices.


Was just about to recommend this exact idea!


Let's get this going!!!


I'd sure hate to loose the playlist I've been enjoying today but if I want to change genres that's exactly what will happen. Tabs, yes.


YES!, I was about to post the same thing!.
Happily I found you, a user who I could relate to.
Sadly.. there was a similar post on 2012 😞 ..

can Spotify implement this already... It'd make surfing Spotify so much more easier and a lot more flexible


This is essential, I've wanted this for years. Not sure why it hasn't been implemented yet, seems easy.


Related to this, I would love the possibility to have two tabs open side by side! That would make organizing playlist and dragging songs to correct places so much faster and easier than with the slightly clumsy system it has always been, when you could have the editable list constantly open on the side while finding tracks to add on another tab. It would make better use of modern desktop screen area as well, at least on a 4k or ultrawide screen.