[Desktop] Collapse Buttons for the Sidebar

To all Spotify desktop users out there:


There should be collapse buttons on main/apps and collection just like on the playlists. This would make it easier to choose what you want higlighted. It is also a problem on laptop and other monitors with a 16/9 ratio where there is limited vertical resolution. 



From a die-hard Spotify user with at least 3 years premium account.

Android, Desktop (Windows 7 and 8), Squezzebox, XBMC all connected. 

Edit 2019-07-24: This idea has been reposted here.


Updated on 2018-06-16


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+1 would love to see this, esp with APPs and its long list 😕

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I would prefer to remove unwanted items from client!!!


And they ignored my idea 😞


Welcome to the club now and click KUDOS!!! Now or NEVER!


Thanks, I love everyone who Kudo my idea.

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Made the same suggestion a week earlier. Have 16 kudos currently. Should have included a graphic !!!! Simple idea. Lets hope they listen


Probably it'd be better if we have an option to hide specific items . "Apps" is the one that's pushing down the playlists and hiding it behind the album art. I use a 13" laptop and I face a similar issue. 

I rarely use any part of "Main".

I vote for this to be implemented, it would be extremely helpful.


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Status changed to: Not Right Now




This is a great idea and quite similar to this one, so I would bring the same comment and bring news as soon as we get back to this.


 "We've been thinking about this request for a while and we like the idea, but at the moment we are going to mark it as "Not right now". We are working on ways to improve the design of Spotify but we have not come up with a final decision yet. We know some users prefer Apps and social features while others create a lot of playlist and prefer to minimize the album art work. Others use all of them.We're looking at the optimal solution but this isn't the last time you'll hear from us on this topic."


Thanks a lot for your feedback and check out this thread for futures updates!




With the latest version, even more categories have been added under the three main ones. Still not able to collapse them and playlists are getting pushed down even further. What gives?

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Please solve this use case, why? because of the need to be able to see more playlists in the pane at once. i have about 20 playlists (it builds up quick from following friends' lists etc).  So right now i almost never use anything under APPS MAIN or YOUR MUSIC, and yet it takes up half of my windows' real estate. It doesnt make sense for me to have these items here in the prime location when i never use them. Either let us permanently hide each item or group of items entirely via preferences, or let us minimize the groups (and have it persist between logins so we don thave to keep re-collapsing them. Thanks!


With the latest release of Spotify adding even more to this list like Your Music, this list has gotten incredibly long. I'm usually using Spotify on my 27" display, and it's frustrating to me so I can't even imagine how obnoxious this would be on anything smaller like a laptop screen. Collapse/hide options are pretty standard design features in many apps so I can't see why this wouldn't be considered.


I very much agree with last post, with so much in the menu i removed all my apps just to get a little more space for my playlists. Can't hurt anyone to add the option to choose what to display! Like this:



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The spotify sidebar is incredibly inconvenient when trying to add songs to playlists, why can't I at least change the order of the way things appear??  Or make each section collapsable.  Not to mention the new "your music" section is dumb as hell, it makes way more sense the way they had it before where anything you add to a playlist is added to your library.