[Desktop] Collapse Buttons for the Sidebar

To all Spotify desktop users out there:


There should be collapse buttons on main/apps and collection just like on the playlists. This would make it easier to choose what you want higlighted. It is also a problem on laptop and other monitors with a 16/9 ratio where there is limited vertical resolution. 



From a die-hard Spotify user with at least 3 years premium account.

Android, Desktop (Windows 7 and 8), Squezzebox, XBMC all connected. 

Edit 2019-07-24: This idea has been reposted here.


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Casual Listener

Amen to this suggestion. I don't want to remove items...just collapse these 2 sections as needed. It shouldn't be that hard...the functionality already exists for playlist folders.

Not applicable

Definitely agree. So over the uncustomisable nature of the Left Hand Menu

Takes too much space and I dont' even use the maj of those options/features

Casual Listener

To the developers: the Hide/Show feature of the Apple Mail sidebar is inoffensive.


Hello Spotify,

It is amazing how long this takes ? This idea was posted about 2 years ago.

I never use and have never used the Main or Your Music sections so it is bad that it is cluttering the menu with stuff you don't need and care about and it annoys me every time I use it the application.

If this is such a big deal why not let the users be able to customize them menu to their needs in prefs for example:

By default you could keep everything as it is but add add options to show/hide and order Menuitems and submenuitems.

Then I could tick the check box off for Main and Your Music and then they won't show in the menu and I would be very happy. This should be relatively easy to do.

If users want to order items for example have the Playlist section on top it should also be easy to do. Your could have a list in prefs with sections (menuitems) and submenuitems and allow users to drag and drop items to their liking and hide items they don't want.

The basics of UI design states the the upper-most left area of an interface is the most important one. In the application as is, it is not the case for many users.

Casual Listener

With the interface on spotify now my playlists are not showing up until i scroll down.

The "main" list is using almost all of my vertical screen space. This is not ideal.


Why can it be so hard to let the spotify users choose them self if they want the "main"  list visible. And to use "colllapse" buttons is the easiest way to achieve this. 


Hoping the spotify developer team can implement this idea now

Music Fan

This is why I came to the community forum today.  I can't stand all of these apps and "things" that I will never (or very rarely) use taking up about 3/4 of the vertical space on my screen.  I want MY music at the top.  I don't care about top lists or app finder or radio or follow.  Or if I do, they could be in their own tabbed element at the top of the screen.  Or at the very least the ability to collapse or minimize or move that section to the bottom of the list.



Music Fan

List of sections there should be automatically

"Main", "My Playlists", "Following Playlists"(new), "Favourites"(new), "Your Music", "Apps"(bring back but with it's own section), "Podcasts"(new), "Radio"(new), "Podcast"(new), Music Videos (new)


These should all be collapsible. They take up too much space. I don't even use anything under "Main" and "Your Music"


These pictures show the entire height of my computer screen. Seeing 5-10 items(playlists) isn't really productive.



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Hey folks. We're marking this as a 'Good Idea' as we really do like this concept. We don't have plans for this in the immediate future though so we're still collecting ideas and feedback. Please continue to leave your comments and kudos here for us, thanks!


At least make Your Music collapsible. Is it possible to use a mod for this? It has taken almost 5 years since this submission was made and I'm no programmer but I'm sure it's not a complicated feature to implement.

Music Fan

i would like to be able to remove all of your library and only see my playlists !! i never use it anyway, and it is on the way and makes me less happy everytime i have to scroll down to find playlists as i need ! ! ! 

i mean i dont want to see something called : Your daily mix, Recently played, Songs, Albums, Artists, Stations and so on. i would like to be able to customize that.