[Desktop] Column Width Adjustment

Please bring back the ability to adjust the width of some UI elements, including playlist columns (song, artist, album, date added, length).



Truls Bekk

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Updated on 2018-06-16


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Casual Listener

I can understand adding functionality but I really don't understand reducing functionality! Especially something as simple and fundamental as this! Very annoying! 😛


This is extremely poorly thought out:


This is the magic flute on maximum zoom out. There's no way to tell which song is which.



Casual Listener

Yeah, this needs to be re-added, I'm an extreme metal fan, and most of those bands tend to have really, really long song titles and album names, kinda annoying when you're missing half of it, to me at least.


It is obnoxious that they would remove such a simple feature from the user interface. And still, the program is full of other bugs! 


Please bring back column width adjustment.

Music Fan

 This is unbelievable and unacceptable. What kind of project manager okayed this? Are you kidding me? This, combined with the incredibly annoyingly large 'EXPLICIT' label makes a large number of my song titles unreadable. And it was removed.. why? 


Spotify has major, major issues with their design and development. These new UI "improvements" combined with the ever increasing number of bugs in their Android application make me want to stop paying for it. I have been an avid and loyal customer for almost 3 years now, recommending the service to nearly all of my friends, but this is unacceptable. And it's not new. Each new iteration of both apps has gotten, overall, worse and worse. 


The Spotify service itself is unmatchable. The development is third world. It's incredible. If there was a decent alternative, I'd be gone in a heartbeat.. alas, here I am, writing this rant at 1 AM because I can't change the column widths to see who is on a new Rap song I am listening to.


Thankfully, I was able to downgrade to version 0.9.14 and found a manual way to disable the Spotify auto update. I should be immune to future "UI improvements!"




Could somebody please tell me how to downgrade Spotify from this new incredibly user-unfriendly version?  Why is this INCREDIBLY BASIC feature nor included?


Also, what happened to the album column in playlists?  I suppose I'll have to memorize the starting track to each album.  Of course, it used to be there, but the developers at Spotify decided that that sort of imformation is unimportant.


Between all these things people are discussing, someone should be fired.


Every upgrade brings reduction in useful functions. lots of jazz tracks  have extended artist list now only visible in 4pt font and only if you go into 'view'. It seems spotify no longer want cusomers outside of the pop mainstream. 


I ended my subscription when they did this to the search results. In my opinoin they need to do resizable columns to both the search results and playlists.


I'd really like to see this return. I was looking for the 'user' column on a collaborative playlist until I realized the only way to show it was to resize my Spotify window.