[Desktop] Column Width Adjustment

Please bring back the ability to adjust the width of some UI elements, including playlist columns (song, artist, album, date added, length).



Truls Bekk

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Updated on 2018-06-16


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Casual Listener

Another upgrade, no column width adjustments. All I know is that I'm listening to a Piano Sonata, it's nice that I can see WOLFGANG AMADEUS MOZART with so much space after it but I can't tell what movement I'm in.




Agree. Dreadful. We used to have resizable columns, filter on playlists, search in playlists, starring... all removed.  Replaced by a lot of (useless to me) social media stuff.  Why the hell my "friends" should care what I'm listening to, or vice versa, I don't know. But why is that incompatible with maintaining the useful features the thing used to have?  I've been a premium subscriber from the word go, but I'm looking elsewhere now.  I'd rather pay more and get an app which helps instead of this glossy nonsense which stands in my way, belching and picking its nose.

Casual Listener

 2 and a half months and this still hasn't happened? 
This is such an annoying issue and is so basic. Why would you ever remove this feature in the first place? What are the possible benefits of not having it? 

Please fix this.


This is completely ridiculous, there is absolutely no reason for this to have been removed in the first place!! it's such an obvious thing, what on earth could the benefits have been from getting rid of it????

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Updated: 2015-06-02


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Totally agree with the concepts of:

- resizable columns

- Ability to reorder the columns

- Select / deselect the columns I wish to see regularly.


Using [CTRL] + [-] to decrease the font size so I can try and see titles appears to be a fix for a fault rather than an intuitive solution.


Many of the other applications I use on my Windows PC have customisable columns both in terms of width, placement and visible/invisible.


Come on Spotify, even giving us 1 of the 3 options will be an improvement ... giving us all 3 options would make some of your users very happy and isn't customer satisfaction part of the aim 🙂

Casual Listener

I want the ability (as I have in iTunes) to sort by columns or remove columns I don't want to see to allow my screen space to be larger.  Don't keep removing features, just make the ones you currently offer better!


I was merely shocked when I found that with one earlier update, I could not adjust the column sizes anywhere anymore. I'm in the same boat as the many, many likewise comments already: Classical music has long titles, as they indicate work number, then movement. Often, I only see the work number, but no longer the movement name or even number.


Furthermore, I'd really like to see the ability to add additional metadata for the track beyond what's offered now, like publication date (not added date!) etc. - like the one you get on iTunes' tracks, and the ability to select the columns shown. These preferences should ideally be remembered per playlist, so that my classical playlist has a wide title column and no "added" column, whereas my pop playlist has equally wide columns, with "added" showing.




Agree with everyone above.  Please bring back column width adjustment.  Most other music services have this feature. I like to have a small spotify window on half of my computer screen.  If I shrink the window I can no longer see the total track time either.


PLEASE bring this back! I was about to post this as a "new idea" but found that it was already posted. I'm very annoyed by not having this feature in my playlists anymore. For instance, I organized a playlist of all Grateful Dead shows and tracks from 1977 in ascending chronological order, but now I can't see where the show is played beccause the venue and actual date are in the track title.