[Desktop] Column Width Adjustment

Please bring back the ability to adjust the width of some UI elements, including playlist columns (song, artist, album, date added, length).



Truls Bekk

This idea has been reposted here.


Updated on 2018-06-16


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Clearly the technology required for this feature is still beyond the programmers of Spotify...


And yet, the trouble with downgrading to previous versions of the Spotify app is that the older the version, the less of said version's features work properly anymore! Nowadays, every time I try to open up the App Finder in, for example, Spotify, I'm presented with nothing but a buffering screen.


At least the column width adjustment feature still works for Spotify versions pre-dating version 1.0...


I support it strongly.

Please don't focus on making the app less customizable - I guess everyone would want more instead 😉


Spotify is the only app on my phone that isn't resizable, and it's also the only app that I pay for every month.  Something is wrong with that, and as miniscule as the problem may seem to some, I think it may be time to go for Pandora...why? It's simply because a business that cares about pleasing the customer is one that should thrive, and over 3 years of Spotify ignoring their customers' wishes on this issue (and a few others I've seen as well) is an obvious sign that the company does not have the customer's happiness in mind...only dollar signs. What's really sad is the fact that it would take less than half an hour to write the code that would make Spotify's widget resizable, and the company is still too worried about how many "kudos" they get before they do anything about it.  I'm sorry for ranting, but ONE paying customer's dissatisfaction should be enough to make them take action.


Says a lot to see the consider updatig the website where we can share our frustration (this one) more important than doing something about our frustration.


I have continued to not subscribe to Spotify all these months, because of this one issue. Best thing I ever did. Hope others will stop paying them for such poor service, too.


I'm updating my comment of two years ago. Actually, there's nothing new to say, because the issue of adjustable column size has not been changed. I'm currently listening to a track and I can't see the last name of the artist because it extends off the Artist column which is still unadjustable.


Not only should column widths be adjustable, the user should also be able to select which columns are visable. I can't see the name of the artist, but I can see such essential information like the fact that I listened to this to this album a day ago (sarcasism indended). As someone who switched to Spotify because of a superior user interface, this is a real disappoinment.


I completely agree with all the comments on this string, especially Donpk1. I can't believe it's been TWO FREAKING YEARS since members started asking for column width adjustments in the playlist and Spotify STILL hasn't fixed it! I'm not a programmer by any stretch of the imagination, but the request seems simple enough. Do they even look at these comments?

Gig Goer
No the actual owners, board, tech people do not look at the forum. Two
years is nothing. The explicit button thread has been up for 5 years and
over 7000 up votes and nothing and I mean NOTHING has been addressed by the
people that could make the change. I too want column width adjustment but
it will not happen - Spotify makes rapid changes to the topics they like
and want to do. These forum topics are just a pretend way to address their
customers for ideas they do not want to make.
Casual Listener

I'd like to add another voice to the call for adjustable column widths. This is a fundamental gap in the basic functionality of the app, it's utterly ridiculous not to have it, and it would be child's play to implement. Come on, Spotify, pull your socks up. Your customers clearly want this, and frankly it's such a basic and universally accepted convention in nearly all apps that I think they have a right to expect it. Let's see some action, please.