[Desktop] Command-line (Unix Console) Spotify App

This is probably only of interest to 1% of the Spotify users out there, but how about a Spotify command line application?  Sometimes I find myself on a machine where for some reason I can't use a GUI, or don't wish to, but would like some Spotify tunes.

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Updated on 2018-06-15


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take a look at http://despotify.se/




This isn't just useful for times you're on a server cli. It's also very useful for streaming from media center PC's.


My server doesn't have a GUI either. It does run mumble. Such a daemon would allow me to play spotify music in a mumble (like teamspeak/ventrillo) channel for example.

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Changed back to "new idea" status - it should hopefully be reviewed by staff soon. 😉


+1 - trying to integrate Spotify into my home automation system.  Looking for some kind of hook to start / control Spotify automatically when I come home.   Push 1 button: lights on, stereo up, spotify fires up, etc.


Update:  Found http://harishnarayanan.org/projects/shpotify/ - a simple bash wrapper around some common AppleScript commands implemented in Spofity.  I tossed this under Apache as a cgi-bin and it works pretty good. 

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If you do not hate MPD (and why would you?) you can use http://www.mopidy.com/ .

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This has reached 40+ kudos, how about the staff reviewing it again? Raspberry PI is selling like crazy and I think many people would love playing spotify with their Raspberry or even plug a little display to it und show the current track.

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+1 Raspberry Pi angle.  I just got one.  I can listen to Pandora on the RasPi from the command line using a program called "pianobar".  It'd be great to be able to listen to Spotify with it as well.


Looks like we're up to 69 kudos.  Someone said it'd be reevaluated at 40.  Well?


+1. I do as much as i can from CLI - and a nice Spotify client or even a decent api would be awesome.......


Yeah RasPi is really opening up doors here.


I need to be able to switch my TV from game mode to music mood mode, but I need to be able to control my desktop upstairs running spotify via SSH to get the perfect setup.


Need meaning, I really want to.


I love the devs for porting Spotify to linux.  Now we just need some bash action.