[Desktop] Command-line (Unix Console) Spotify App

This is probably only of interest to 1% of the Spotify users out there, but how about a Spotify command line application?  Sometimes I find myself on a machine where for some reason I can't use a GUI, or don't wish to, but would like some Spotify tunes.

This idea has been posted again here.


Updated on 2018-06-15


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another +1 for a CLI

I'd love to be able to add a spotify hook to my media server.

+1 for an official CLI version of spotify!

Something like a CLI version of spotify would be rally useful for my new raspberry pi. Or an API to allow programmers to play around with it and make something to their needs. I hope to see something like this soon 🙂


And another +1 for CLI.


And yet another for CLI for Raspberry Pi. Cheers.



Someone has already posted this. There are tons of APIs available for this kind of stuff, Mopidy also works with  RasPi.


Official support would still be nice. I think with much more than 40 kudos, this deserves attention. I also think it's wise from the point of Spotify itself. I have three different arguments why this is nice for you, not just us:


  • If you guys provide software to do this, then you will have means to make sure there are not too many API calls to begin with. Now you have to throttle and restrict at the server side, It's much better to have some mechanisms in place on the client side.
  • Command-line utilties are nice to use in test suites. You probably have nice testing schemes in place, but CLI tools can make these even smoother.
  • You can demonstrate how state-of-the-art your software is. For a lot of new devices a graphical interface is not the first thing created. The Raspberry is just one example. With command-line tools you can provide a docker that operates immediately as a media server and you do not need to do all the porting stuff. New devices such as Google TV and alike might very well allow such a construct in the near future.
+ 1. CLI and RaspPi

+1 for cli


+1 for cli, it'd be so useful to SSH in and get spotify!