[Desktop] Command-line (Unix Console) Spotify App

This is probably only of interest to 1% of the Spotify users out there, but how about a Spotify command line application?  Sometimes I find myself on a machine where for some reason I can't use a GUI, or don't wish to, but would like some Spotify tunes.

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Updated on 2018-06-15


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+1 This is an amazing idea! I would use this all the time since I usually work under GUI-less systems.

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if i were to submit a list of musical genres or categories,would it be possible to see a complete list of songs that fit into those categories or genres-just to further buuild my song lists?

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Hello everyone. Staff here with an update. In the recent past, our desktop team has been working hard on improving our looks, as well as the new Your Music feature. You can find more information about these improvements here. http://news.spotify.com/us/2014/04/02/spotify-paints-it-black-with-new-look/ In the near future, we're going to focusing on the quality of the desktop app so we're going to have to mark this idea as "Not Right Now". We want to be sure we're continuing to offer a fast and stable desktop version of Spotify. We may come back to this in the future so please add your comments and votes. Thanks for the idea!



This, or (at the very least) a CLI, would be very useful.

Could also help the community come up with new ideas for uses of Spotify.


Using dbus to signal the app, there's also: https://github.com/johnelse/spotify-cli  which has worked well for me, as something that I could bind my multimedia keys on the keyboard to.


I like this idea, especially because of the remote features on the phone app.  This way I could simply leave the spotify app listening in the background (on a headless rPi, for example) without needing the overhead of a desktop environment


As someone who'd like to sync a Pebble to his computer & control both spotify & projectM (visualizer), a CLI would make things much easier.


i dont know how many features you need but playerctl is working vor me





I am watching this thread for another addition to the SSH'ed server overseas.

A welcome addition to mutt, newsbeuter, vi, emacs, etc.

An htpc fully cli would be totally sick.

Why doesn't this exist?  It shouldn't be too hard.

I'm sure that we can get it done.  Hit me up and I will help out.


It looks (from the tcpdump) that spotify is using typical crypt get requests...perhaps I could be wrong but this could easily be manipulated into cli.  Feel free to pm.  Someone smarter than I should be able to decipher this a bit better but it almost looks sound cloud-ish with their lists and endorsements which are well suited to command line via lynx.  Any takers?


If ne r interested, I can throw an nsa supermassive at the packets tommorrow and get an answer for sure


these api are hard to work on on second look. def not soundcloudish.  I'm still throwing my +K at this idea tho. props to OP


edit:  just read the terms and wow...n/m