[Desktop][Design] Spotify Blur Redesign

Hey there, 


Spotify on Mac and PC could use an minimal UI redesign, just to making a little bit less monotonous in the colour scheme. 

By taking the cover blurred and stretching it over the page, the UI gets a little bit more individual.

Here's the Player right now:



Spotify now




And here with some minimal changes and the blur effect:


Spotify Blurred

Updated on 2019-08-26


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Updated: 2015-07-22

Marked as new idea and edited it to let it focus on 1 request.
Your 2nd idea about playlist header scrolling has also been suggested here.

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Hi, Looking Good, and I definitely agree that Spotify at the moment is looking monotonous.


But I'd like to add a few little tweaks into the experience.

original edit small.png


  • Added a seperation line between content and headers, less precieved confusion.
  • Added the Album Artists profile link next to the album (Gives the Album the Artist's face to relate too)

Sorry if it isn't in the app's language (Swedish?) as it is a concept edit.


Love it! Really would make it a more dynamic player and a more appealing visual expirience. Job well done and hopefully this gets some legs!

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Thanks 🙂
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That's just Awesome!

Status changed to: Not Right Now
Updated: 2015-09-21

Hey folks, Spotify staff here. At this time we don't have any plans to implement a blurred UI design on the Desktop app. However you can of course continue to leave your feedback and kudos here so we can get a better idea of how many users support this idea. Thanks everyone.

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Your image looks good, but I wonder how it would look with other blurred colours. Looking into Apple's ghastly iOS7 and Yosemite interfaces you'll see many examples of blurred colours, especially in the Find My Friends app, where the otherwise white interface looks like someone as urinated on it.


Using iTunes as another example - which does exactly like your idea - the UI sometimes looks cool with text colour and background look funky, but often you get an odd gradient and text that's hardly legible.


Hey Marco, that looks GREAT! Would love to have a desktop interface like that.


That looks amazing!! Definetly birghtens things up, since spotify is looking pretty bland right now.




Looks really nice but I'd keep it as an option so users who don't like it can disable it.