[Desktop] Drag & drop Import of local Files

Prior to the 101 update, it was possible to drag local files from the Finder (and even iTunes) into Spotify playlists.


This is no longer the case, and the current local file source mapping is too inefficient (processor intensive/unreliable/no search) to compensate for the lack.



Updated on 2018-06-16


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Yes, PLEASE, restore that!

It does kind of feel like Spotify is trying gradually drop the support for local files... which would be disastrous. 


One of the reasons I even paid for premium was that I was using spotify as a substitute for iTunes. Can't really do that without good local file support so I hope hope hope they bring it back!

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I agree that one of the reasons I  pay for premium is to replace itunes with drag and drop and local files.  I will end my subscription if you guys dont bring it back.  Doesnt make sense to remove that functionality at all.


WHY did you remove this feature?! The easy way of adding files and syncing them to my phone was one of the features why I switched to using Spotify as my only music player! Bring it back NOW!


I use Spotify as my main music player. It scrobbles and will happily play all my music. However now that I cannot import my local files on the fly (I have 500 gb of saved music that I do not want "permenantly" filed on Spotify) when not streaming it is easier to use Winamp to play local files as a result I stream less and which affects your profit. BRING IT BACK!!!!!!


same as dnky666


It is not acceptable that we are paying 120€ p.a. and the Client is worse then free local players like Winamp, ...


Yeah, this just doesn't make sense that in 2015 there are programs that don't support drag & drop. Come on, you used to support it, so why did you remove it?!

I could live with it IF the UI for local files was better (I could browse folders in Spotify), but having 4218 songs in my library atm makes browsing them a nightmare.


Like dnky666 and Fab1 I use Spotify as my main music player, but if a basic feature like this doesn't get restored soon I'll surely switch to something else and propably cancel my Premium subscription.




Yes it was so much easier to manage local files by dragging them into playlists manually. Now I have to search for them in the local files folder and it is quite cumbersome. 


I feel like ever since i started to pay for Spotify, it has gotten worse with every update. Being able to manually manage my local files is so important! PLEASE RESTORE

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Yes, please. I miss this feature so much.


Since Spotify sometimes doesn't see my local files and the local file tab has actually gone to black (am I the only one with that problem?) 

Recently I've been having trouble playing my local files in Spotify. I loved the one player for everyting concept, and a lot of my playlists are actually made up of both Spotify music and my own collection.