[Desktop] Drag & drop Import of local Files

Prior to the 101 update, it was possible to drag local files from the Finder (and even iTunes) into Spotify playlists.


This is no longer the case, and the current local file source mapping is too inefficient (processor intensive/unreliable/no search) to compensate for the lack.



Updated on 2018-06-16


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I've used Winamp for probably 15 years.  I installed spotify .97 and loved everything about it.  I finally found a new media player after all these years and instantly signed up for premium.  I update to the newest version....and all the ease of adding your own files has dissapeared. 


Dragging an mp3 from your desktop into spotify, highlighting a song and simply hitting delete to get rid of it, even just double clicking an mp3 file on my computer to play it in spotify, ALL GONE.  Luckily I found a link to an older version and am using that at the moment.  If I hadnt I would have been right back to winamp.  Please fix this.  I want to use spotify, but this change will make it very hard for me to continue to do so.


Here's a link to one solution, "updated" my Spotify with it and now it works the way it should, at least in my opinion 😄


Seriously Spotify, why did you think it was a good idea to remove this feature? If you want your application to be viable as a default media player on the desktop, you have to fix it. The local files tab is NOT a good solution. Not only is it slow as hell if you have a large library, but usually when it detects new files that I just added, at least one song has tags that haven't been updated. You know it's a bad sign when people have to downgrade your software just to be able to use simple features.


Yes, please restore drag-and-drop mp3 playlists.  THIS IS IMPORTANT!

Thank you, 

Andy Ellis Valdini


Since I can't drag and drop my own local files into my Spotify Playlists, I don't use Spotifay at all anymore.. Not worth. What is the sense of a programm when I can't do the basic function of any player from the past 15 years?

I switched to iTunes again, until the day when the Drag & Drop function will get implemented again.


Nice job Spotify Dev Team! Shoutout to you...


I used to love being able to mix songs from Spotify with songs retreived from other sources (like K Theories' remix of Nelly Furtado - Turn Off The Light)... this used to be easy to do, drag songs into a playlist from the current playing window into a new "Mixtape" playlist, and then from there, also drag files from Explorer/Finder into Spotify.


Why this functionality has been removed is completely beyond belief. Literally the only thing stopping me from not cancelling my subscription right now is that I don't have an iPhone, so I can't use Apple Music. Google Play is starting to look pretty enticing.


lets face it, Spotify doesn't want you to use your local files, as this means less streaming revenue for them . Bye bye Spotify, its been a good few years

Casual Listener

Yes please re-add this function!

Look at this screenshots...its pure madness for 1000 songs and this is only a little part of my collections.

I surrendered after some times to add the songs in my playlists!






Ppl please, I posted a simple solution to this problem, just follow the link to instructions on how to go back to a version that actually works the way it should 😄


Please add this back!