[Desktop] Drag & drop Import of local Files

Prior to the 101 update, it was possible to drag local files from the Finder (and even iTunes) into Spotify playlists.


This is no longer the case, and the current local file source mapping is too inefficient (processor intensive/unreliable/no search) to compensate for the lack.



Updated on 2018-06-16


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I just recently discovered the lack of Drag-&-Drop functionality in the Spotify desktop app. HUGE bummer. (Spotify, if you're reading this, A LOT of us are still using your regular streaming of artists you carry - in addition to local files - we're using BOTH). But I had a question regarding uploading the older EXE of Spotify/blank/read-only-file -crack to alleviate this: I recently had the update and am using - and LOVE - the Spotify Connect  function (I have a PC hooked up to speakers that play in my back yard and I love being able to use my phone as a "Remote Control"), SO, what I'm curious about is, if I do the crack to use the older version of Spotify, will I lose the Connect function (and is Connect the reason for this change in the system?)? Kinda torn, because I love the Drag-&-Drop function - but I also love Connect. Please help.




@Ickysan Do you mean the function that when you put a song playing on your phone it starts playing on the computer as well? That works if you downgrade. I don't use that function, but have discovered that if I play a song on my phone the desktop app plays that same thing, I find it annoying.


Well, not exactly - the Connect function lets you use your phone as a sort of "Remote Control", controlling another unit that plays it (it works on my Desktop, PS3, etc.) as a "slave". It comes in handy of you have people over, a party, etc. You can even control the volume of your Spotify player. I really like it, but don't want to disable/do the older version hack if I'll lose that...

Gig Goer

Originally requested in March - and STILL not re-implemented. What's stopping this simple (but high-value) fix being done, Spotify?

Casual Listener

Please bring back this much needed function.


how do you expect to get people to convert to spotify if they have 10s of thousands of songs, all carefully put into playlists? This needs to be brought back. If it can't, i'd be interested in knowing what happened 


Please, bring back this function 🙂


Yes please bring this back.
And also bring back the way of sorting your local files by when they got added.

Makes no sense what-so-ever why it was needed to remove these two things. Why downgrade the product?


I'd love to see this back.


The ability to easily manage and merge local and streamed music made Spotify as a clear winner as both as a service and an application. Now with this feature removed and a reality that we will not be able to take advantage of a UX feature that made life easier for those with mixed libraries, I will probably have to start looking at Apple Music and iTunes, because I don't have the time to add a remote source through a poor UI, have Spotify lock up when it searches, and then go through another local file menu to select the song, before dragging it to the playlist I want it to show up in.



Is anyone from Spotify even listening? Is this a feature that is up for consideration or should we stop hoping?


The very least that could be given is a reason WHY this feature was dropped