[Desktop] Drag & drop Import of local Files

Prior to the 101 update, it was possible to drag local files from the Finder (and even iTunes) into Spotify playlists.


This is no longer the case, and the current local file source mapping is too inefficient (processor intensive/unreliable/no search) to compensate for the lack.



Updated on 2018-06-16


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the simple reason is $$$
Casual Listener

I've been waiting over a year for spotify to bring back the drag and drop function and search.  I'm not waiting much longer.  I just got a new update on jul 4th 2016 and it's still not back.    Fix it soon or lose yet another paying customer.  When are you going to listen to your subscribers?


Please bring this back. I'm stuck on version 0.9 until this is fixed. **bleep**, I'll even do the coding myself if you want. Free of charge. That's how much I need it. 


Is this ever going to be fixed? I've cancelled my subscription last year after this feature was removed and was considering resubscribing recently... looks like I should wait another year or two.


I'll plan on cancelling my subscription as well before the end of the year if this isn't implemented back into the program. It's been a hastle to listen to new music ever since it's been removed, would rather not deal with it any more.


Im surprised this thread hasn't gotten the "Sorry but were still not considering your idea important" statement. I would put more votes on if I could. I too have a large itunes collection and trying to manage music in local files is horrendous. Even Beatport has a free desktop app that manages their entire catalog, and they are a smaller company! Itunes integration and UI definitely need help.

Gig Goer

I've temporarily gotten around this annoyance by having a separate "Non-Spotify" folder in my MP3 collection - a subset of only those songs/albums that aren't in the Spotify catalogue. This works for me as instead of the whole collection (which is large and tends to crash Spotify) I can then just add the Non-Spotify folder (which is not so large and doesn't crash Spotify) in its entirety for Spotify to scan and monitor, and then use the (now added) filter function as needed to create playlists. It's still not ideal, and won't address everyone's problems this feature omission has caused but it may help some of you.


Gig Goer

Still... no change... how long is this a big problem?

Too many years to count. 😠

Casual Listener

What an f'in joke that Spotify still hasn't added this back. Been using a version of the Spotify app from 2014 for the last 2.5 years since they dropped support for drag and drop and metadata editing of local files. Thought to myself today, "hmm... I think I'll check out the latest Spotify Desktop" for the first time since 2014. Imagine my surprise to see they STILL HAVE NOT ADDED THESE FEATURES BACK AFTER THEY REMOVED THEM 3 YEARS AGO. Utterly shocking. Back to the old version I go. 


Looks like no progress on this was made in last 6 months, I guess at this point I should stop holding my breath and find other music service to subscribe to. It's a shame, as Spotify used to be a really great app a couple of years ago.