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Spotify has taken away users' ability to easily edit information on any local files (right click local file - edit info), such as adding an artist, album, or editing the title (yes, this comes in useful). 


I've added a screenshot of 2 local songs: the top one had information edited before the update, while the bottom one was just added and I can't add any missing information or change the bizarre title, thanks to Spotify's new update.


Not only is editing information useful for clarity, but it is also key for linking local tracks to Spotify's catalogue. 


If this is affecting you or my unsightly song title bothers you, please give this post kudos! Every little bit helps. Thank you!


Updated on 2018-08-30

Hey folks,


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We're marking this as case closed now, as this isn't something we're looking to implement. We appreciate you sharing your thoughts however, and can confirm they've been passed on to the relevant teams.


If we have anything to share on this in the future, we'll be back in touch here


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Seconded, I used that function often when downloading a podcast to my computer. If this isn't going to be restored, does anyone have suggestions of how we can edit the file properties itself show it shows up correctly in Spotify? 


It blows my mind that they removed this. Makes me wonder if its just an accident or did they have a team meeting and decide that 'nah, nobody needs this'.



Dear Spotify™,


When is it ever a good idea to take away functionality and flexibility form the user?

Especially features that have been a part of the standard local media player paradigm since time immemorial…


Also, why did you take away the "date" column from the local files?

It's kind of necessary, so I can find ― you know ― what I just added.



Ducey B.





P.S. / Off-topic

Rhetorical question: What kind of 2-bit (heh…) program uses three different styles, with three different levels of functionality, for displaying  the same information?

Pro-tip: Whenever you're displaying a list of, I dunno, music ― wherever it is in your program ― make it display the same way!

Final disgruntled end-user remark: It's not rocket science. There's no need to make three different layouts. Use one; it's just good not c​r​a​p design.


Completely agree with you on this. I noticed yesterday after my update came through, and has been bugging me ever since. 


I add a lot of local files to Spotify that are free downloads online for mixtapes and other free songs that the artists release.  I loved that I could still edit all the info to the way I like, but now I simply can't do that anymore.  I would understand if it were a new feature that they were working on coming up with, but this feature has been around ever since I got Spotify back around a year ago and probably a lot longer before that.  I hoenstly don't see why they thought getting rid of this option was a good idea, but hope it comes back soon.


agreed. it's frustrating


I recently decided to ditch my iPod and iTunes, and simply use Spotify for everything, including making certain stuff available offline, and using my phone as my mp3 player.


After making my iTunes folder viewable in Spotify (I have a lot of stuff that just isn't on Spotify for whatever reason), I didn't realise how inflexible the 'local files' viewer would be. My own albums are sorted perfectly in my iTunes folder, but Spotify has decided it knows better, and it's all a bit chaotic. It's renaming files and unsorting track orders for albums that aren't even available on Spotify.


Shame. I think I'll have to revert back to how I was doing things before.


Spotify used to be so streamlined and concise, but with every 'new version' it gets clunkier and more bloated, and basic things become impossible. Meh.


Agreed.  It was a feature I used all the time.  I feel like every time there is an update here, I need to go through all my playlists and do an overhaul, since I will always have missing tracks, or tracks that greyed out and won't play, or somehow my local tracks are no longer recognized.  It's annoying. 


Agreed, Spotify better bring this back or I will cancel my premium subscription ASAP. I have been a customer for 5 years, and this is abonimable. I am disgusted by Spotify's contempt for their users. 


not funny to browse my around 23,000 songs to find the recently added ones 😞 please bring back the "date added" for the local files!! 🙂

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