[Desktop] Edit Local File Information

Spotify has taken away users' ability to easily edit information on any local files (right click local file - edit info), such as adding an artist, album, or editing the title (yes, this comes in useful). 


I've added a screenshot of 2 local songs: the top one had information edited before the update, while the bottom one was just added and I can't add any missing information or change the bizarre title, thanks to Spotify's new update.


Not only is editing information useful for clarity, but it is also key for linking local tracks to Spotify's catalogue. 


If this is affecting you or my unsightly song title bothers you, please give this post kudos! Every little bit helps. Thank you!


Updated on 2018-08-30

Hey folks,


Thanks for coming to the Community and adding your vote to this idea


We're marking this as case closed now, as this isn't something we're looking to implement. We appreciate you sharing your thoughts however, and can confirm they've been passed on to the relevant teams.


If we have anything to share on this in the future, we'll be back in touch here


Music Fan

 I can't believe this is still an issue. Google has had this option since day 1.


Spotify claims they won't add this option because the desktop apps reads the information in your HDD for local files this is not entirely true. I have a few songs that have the correct metadata on my hard drive but when I add them to Spotify it changes it to some other artist. 


Lack of this feature is just another reason I will be sticking with Google over Spotify when it comes to a premium subscription.


So Spotify changed the info for a bunch of songs and wont let me fix.  **bleep**.  So?  Do I have to delete the songs from my library, edit the local file attributes, and readd?  No, because the original files still have the proper song info... its only Spotify telling me these songs have different artist/song/album info.  **bleep** spotify!!!!


We are marking this ideas as 'Not Right Now' since your local files in the Desktop app should just mirror whatever is on your HDD. If you change/ delete something on your HDD it will be mirrored in Spotify.


Except it doesn't.  It messes up the song title, artist and album info.  The info on my files is correct, but Spotify butchers it in the app and won't let me change it.  Why does it change some beatles songs to beatles appreciation society.  **bleep**.  And it changed all tracks from The White Album to The Beatles (Remastered).  What the ever lovin F!!!!!!



Casual Listener

I was just coming here to complain about this. A whole year has past and they just keep ignoring us. What a shame. I'm a user for 4 years and this is the only time I've seen a software that just keeps gettin' worse and worse after every update.

Not applicable

Yes please bring feature back, really help in being organized in local files. 🙂


It gives the wrong artists and song names for half my darn local songs, yet its fine on my HDD. Come on!


Yea this **bleep** is ridicolous. And why the **bleep** this is labelled as "not right now". It ain't hard to put a removed feature back. The whole point actually to me is the following: "Why the f. did you remove the feature?!"



The whole "local files" system is absolutely awful. It's so buggy and needs a huge overhaul, rebuilding from the ground up.  It's temperamental AF and has a mind of its own sometime. It's a faff to add your own songs and I really wish they'd simplify it. Being able to edit info within the program would be a great jumping off point 


You can change the file name on your computers actual documents tab and that's about it.


I'm a new user and I also have this problem..what's that? I'm a bit OCD with properly tagging my music file; I have to add so many albums to LOCAL FILE since I'm a big Springsteen fan and I have bought many of his official live concerts and they're not on the Spotify catalogue; it's so this really so difficult to solve?

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