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Spotify has taken away users' ability to easily edit information on any local files (right click local file - edit info), such as adding an artist, album, or editing the title (yes, this comes in useful). 


I've added a screenshot of 2 local songs: the top one had information edited before the update, while the bottom one was just added and I can't add any missing information or change the bizarre title, thanks to Spotify's new update.


Not only is editing information useful for clarity, but it is also key for linking local tracks to Spotify's catalogue. 


If this is affecting you or my unsightly song title bothers you, please give this post kudos! Every little bit helps. Thank you!


Updated on 2018-08-30

Hey folks,


Thanks for coming to the Community and adding your vote to this idea


We're marking this as case closed now, as this isn't something we're looking to implement. We appreciate you sharing your thoughts however, and can confirm they've been passed on to the relevant teams.


If we have anything to share on this in the future, we'll be back in touch here



I asked on twitter how to make my local files with studio versions not replace the live versions available on Spotify. I got the suggestion to rename my local files. How much do I need to rename them, considering B.A.P's Warrior and GO became Bim Bap Boom's Highway Warrior and Bap Kennedy's Let's Start Again? Local files are a mess, but as long as Spotify can't provide every song in the world (which is kind of impossible), they are the only thing I can use, as long as I don't want to have to use two separate music players. This need to be fixed somehow. Meanwhile, I'm considering to add the live versions as local files as well.  

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Due to some artists uploading original media by another artist and claiming it as their own, Spotify changes my metadata in the local file tab to fit the fake artist's. This is especially frustrating and I wish to be able to take care of my own local files.


I use iTunes to edit the song information, so it will show up, how I want it to, in Spotify's Local Files. The only problem that I have had, I believe is it is not recognizing the right album, for three of my songs (Bob Seger's "Roll Me Away", Against The Wind", and The Marshall Tucker Band song, "Running Like The Wind"). The album information shows up, correctly, but the album art is incorrect; it's from another album of theirs. I put all the album art into the song information, on iTunes and it shows up, just fine, though. Does anyone else have this problem?



Vc9Xa1f.pngaWAnptv.pngThe problem I am having with this is that the local files are now syncing with what is available on spotify. So it doesn't matter what it is called on iTunes, it will be overidden if the song is available on spotify. The issue in my case is extra words like 'remastered' being added to songs, which changes how they are recognised in Last.FM. See my example in the photos. 

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Even though I manually editted the metadata for songs outside of Spotify's desktop app, and the correct metadata is reflected in the "Local Files" section, this change was only reflected after manually finding the local files cache file and deleting it — that's a terrible solution. Also, even with the correct metadata in the Local Files section, when I add the tracks to a playlist, Spotify overwrites the metadata with its own garbage which often just replaces the title with blanks, since the tracks don't exist on the Spotify catalog.


I can't delete local files. These are all my own written songs but once they are added they never go away so I have multiple listings of the same song and they just add up. I now have 165 songs listed most are duplicates.

I want to delete the duplicates. I tried re-installing  but they are still there. I tried changing the show songs from  closing out the old files and addeing new ones. I am a primium member.  I cantacted spotify biut they haven't gotten back to me saying they will look into it. No solution.



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I recently... in the last two days, just started linking my Garth Brooks ghosttunes collection folder... To the local files, and artist name and album title changed on 4 of the many songs. 

This is crazy!!! Spotify needs to let OUR files read the way we enter in the in fo. They also need to allow them to be shared on socal media! 


YES give us back the option to edit the song title!


C'mon Spotify man, don't do me like this. Yall lit, but these things make me have to switch to iTunes music and I really don't want to.

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