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[Desktop] Global HotKeys for Pause/Play, Skip, etc.

It would be nice to have an Global Hotkey so you can pause/play your music while browsing and not switching between screens. Or when you are gaming and you want another song but you don't want to alt tab and stay idle, a (customizable?)  Global Hotkey(i.g. ctrl+shift+right) would be such an great improvement in the usefulness of Spotify.

Updated on 2023-05-23

Hey everyone,


Thanks for coming to the Spotify Idea Exchange.


We've discussed this idea and while it is interesting, we don't have any immediate plans to implement this. If we do have any new information to share, rest assured we'll check back in here with a new status.


More info on why your idea has been closed can be found here.

Actually for me hotkeys already work. I have got a row of additional buttons on top of my keyboard which control volume, sleep mode and your music. I was really surprised it worked out of the box with Spotify since I use Linux (Ubuntu to be precise) and most "special features" don't work that easily there. Good work Spotify devs!!!

Toastify did the trick for me! Thanks for that




I'm seriously worried about getting fired. Every time my boss walks by my desk I have Spotify open because there are no keyboard or taskbar shortcuts for anything. 





Came to suggest it and it's already here!!


Put this system ON guys!!!!


I would also think this is useful on lock screens on mobile phones (if possible).  It would be nice to have a thumbs up option right on the lock screen so you don't have to unlock your phone.


@awwherrroooo You mean like on android?


Keyboard shortcut for Thumbs Up/Down PLEASE!


Hi Spotify users and staff!


Totally with you on this one.


Wouldn't it be great if you could Thumbs Up or Down a song on your computer without having to leave the app you are in, going into Spotify and then back to the original app? I end up either 1) using the feature much less than I would like or 2) getting distracted from my work / movie / whatever.


Thumbing Up / Down songs is what fuels Spotify's algorithm and gets you accurate suggestions, so I don't see why this has not yet been included in the supported shortcuts.


A simple <Command + U> (Mac) or <Control + U> for Thumbs Up would work great. Same thing but with a <D> for down.

These combinations are not attributed to any function – you can check the supported hotkeys here:!/article/Keyboard-shortcuts/?in=search


Would love to hear some thoughts on this.








Can you do this with a windows 8 PC?




this was suggested back in 2012 and it's still a suggestion. it can't be that hard to allow custom shortcuts in the software!?


It would really be great to assign the shortcuts ourselfes. Particularly GLOBAL Shortcuts for Like and Dislike if the Radio is playing. It is really annoying to switch to spotify, each time a song is playing I like or dislike.... It's basically unusable, if you intend to work while listening to a radio 😞 😞 😞