[Desktop] Hide unwanted Items from Sidebar



Spotify is very good music player, but I don't use Local files or Downloads. So how i hide from my sidebar those? I don't need or use them. Give me a chance to choose what I want to see in the sidebar.







Also add a option to hide Buy column, Share column and at least App Finder. I don't use any apps.

Updated on 2018-06-15


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Seconded. In my opinion:


  1. Please add an option to hide options from the right hand side. I’ll never ever use Devices or Downloads for example, I’m unlikely to use Inbox too (people tend to post tracks to friends Facebook walls in my experiance).

  2. This is a really quick one but crucial. Add an option to minimize each category (Main, Apps, Collection, Playlists). I’ve added a few apps and my playlists are now so far down the list it’s ridiculous. Simply adding an arrow to minimise/show each category would be a lot of help.
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This would be great. Just as allowing premium users to hide the 'buy' button, this will help keep spotify clear simple and uncluttered.
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One of the reasons why I use Spotify: the music is easily available. All the music I want is in Spotify Premium. So I do not need local files and I do not buy music because I listen at home on my computer and on smart phone when I'm on the go. This is a Premium. And I do not use any applications (Spotify Apps), I just want to listen my playlist and music sharing is useless to me.
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Top Lists and Radio - awesome stuff.


I often check a my top list or top list in Finland. And sometimes I listen a Radio to find more tracks in Spotify.


Useless things to me in Sidebar:


- People / Account is not linked to Facebook. No friends here... just empty.

- Devices / No WLAN at home, useless tab.

- App Finder / Useless to me, I don't use them at all.

- Local files / No locals at all. Useless to me. All my music in Spotify.

- Downloads / Why? All my tracks in Spotify as I say, no need to song purchasing.


Spotify, please add a ability to hide them all!


Agreed.  I don't know why Top Lists and Radio are listed with the other apps if I can't remove them like I can the other apps.


This would be a great option for Premium user.

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Thank you for option to hide Buy column. Good start!


Now add option to hide unwanted sidebar items.


I use apps and have added them all. I want to explore and us them but with the recently added apps all my playlists are pushed down below what is displayed without having to scroll.


An option to hide the apps and quickly show them again would be really useful since I still use playlists a lot. More than apps.


I just want the ability to minimize the lists, it's not required to hide them permanantly. Though that would be a nice option.


I would also like to rearange the side bar. When using a low resolution monitor (1280x800 on my laptop), this is a problem. I can't see all my playlists! And everything is bit of a mess.


Need, more, options!