[Desktop] Keyboard shortcut to add song to liked songs

There are many keyboard shortcuts in the Spotify Desktop app, but not one to simply add the playing song to liked songs. The only way to do this is to use the mouse to click the very small heart icon. I have Spotify minimised most of the time or on a screen that's switched off, so the process of "liking" a song is long-winded and i frequently don't bother even though I would like to save the song. 


A simple keyboard shortcut like Ctrl + or Ctrl L would be great!!! So I don't have to even look at the app. 


I've found a couple of previous ideas to bring this in as a feature, together they reached much more than 100 votes.  Please take this into consideration!


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I was just about to create a new idea for this, but here it is. Can we please have this? It doesn't make sense that it doesn't already exist?!


An even better idea would be to make it a global shortcut key so when listening to music in the background you can like it without needing to interrupt your worflow


Please please finally add this feature. And while you're at it add a shortcut to unlike a song as well.

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This is slowly gaining more support. With 43 likes so far and the likes in the previous posts this must be up for consideration for development?


This sounds like a great idea. Has there been any significant progress on getting this pushed onto the next device update? As a keyboard shortcut junkie, I'd love to see this idea happen.


Please make this happen! It would be such a useful addition, even on mobile. I tend to listen to my weekly or even daily playlists and would love to have a direct way of saving a song to my favorites without having to open the interface!


There is a shortcut for creating a new playlist, but none for liking a song. My friends that use Spotify like songs dozens of times per day, while creating playlists once a month, or even not at all. This is a time-consuming disaster and an absolute must-have. Imagine how do people with disabilities feel about it? Such a regular action must have a keyboard shortcut in any app. This is a user experience principle. As a programmer, I assure you that it is an infinitely trivial thing to implement. And if you can't let it happen for some reason, that would be a sign of bad management. Please, pass this feature request to the team. There is nothing to think about. Well, maybe Ctrl+L is occupied, yeah, so make it Ctrl+S or Ctrl+H or something. Anything will be better than nothing in this situation.


This is so necessary. It is even impossible to heart the track via other means such as via AppleScript or using tools like BetterTouchTool because the heart button on the screen moves with different track name lengths. Scripting mouse movements is impossible for that reason. Please add Ctrl+H for liking / hearting the track.

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105 votes!!!!