[Desktop] Linux Desktop App - Minimize to taskbar or system tray

The only way to find my app is alt-tab. It does not reside in the system tray, nor minimize to the taskbar. Any ideas how to fix this. I can't seem to find any relevant settings in the application.

This seems like a basic functionality of the app that's been missed, but call it a 'feature request' if you need to.. It'd be nice to have.

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Updated on 2020-08-14


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What is the requirement for votes to get this basic functionality considered?  


I get you've designed this platform of voting for features but it seems asinine to use it for obvious basic functionality. 


It's 2020 and spotify on linux does not minimize to tray. I mean, how hard can it be? most of the times i forget and hit close...and there goes the music. is it too code intensive? anyone found a workaround?


Well an update on this feature request.. I ended up rebuilding my Linux home system, and in the process, updated all the apps. has this feature.   It's great to see the suggestion was adopted and implemented, whether by my suggestion or another initiative, the end result is the fix I was looking for.


Thanks Spotify!


May i ask how did you get that version?

i'm currently using version from AUR , and it does not have close to tray


Sorry I should clarify.  It does not afaik minimize to the system tray. It does however minimize to the taskbar.  It disappeared in mint 17.  Mint 19 it appears to behave more typical of other apps. 

If you need more info lmk and I’ll check my settings applet for you when I get home. 


May 2020 - Spotify still doesn't have a tray option for Linux. 


Right now I have a family plan but I am thinking going to Deezer because the native app (that is not officially supported anyways) have this feature so.. you have one month that is already paid. At the end of this month I think I am going to do the change. Really sad because I have Spotify since years and I have the family plan since 2 years but it's the end of this looong wait. It's a little thing that the developers can't do( or worse. Spotify dont like it to be in Linux version )



Receive garbage service in desktop side with the same prices since the end of the preview qt version that were so awesome for converting in that "electron" app without tray icon and buggy close ( because usually when you close the Spotify app the processes are not closed and you haven't o kill by yourself)


Yep I am a premium user and I am paying every month for spotify and there is not an option (on the linux client) to start spotify minimized.