[Desktop] Make the Scrollbar more visible

I don't know if this qualifies for a new idea. More of an improvement. I downloaded the latest Spotify version today and noticed that the vertical scrollbar on playlists is hardly visiible. Please make them a different color or make it bigger. I'm sure many people will be confused not being able to scroll down in their playlist.

Updated on 2018-06-16



With the latest updates to the Desktop app, the Scrollbar has been a lot more visible.

Therefore this idea will be closed.

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Marked as new idea and edited the title slightly to make it easier to find via search.
This idea requests to change the color/size of the scrollbar in the desktop version to make it more visible.

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The same is true for the Activity feedscroll bar.  Almost completely invisible on my computer.    How did that happen?

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Looking at this  now I agree. I need the grey , this is too dark a theme. I can barely see the scroll bar on my laptop > These are major issues.

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Same problem with the web version, if the playlist is longer than 20 songs cannot see the scrollbar to go down the list.


A big fan of this improvement. Not only can I hardly see the scroll bar it's very difficult to click it, because it is extremely thin and with two monitors I jump to the next monitor instead of stopping on it. Thanks!


I agree that on the desktop version the scrollbar is too dark and way too small. I miss it half the time I try to scroll. Please fix it soon.

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i fully agree with this idea - the new colour scheme makes this an urgent issue and makes the whole screen act like a black mirror which causes visibility problems with the application generally.


Also, I can't see arros at the top and bottom of scrollbars which makes it more difficult than before to have fine control of where you scroll to in a list - please bring back the arrows at the ends of scrollbars!

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I agree - I can't see it!  Either the light grey of the volume control or the bright green of underlines will show off how much more information there is....


IMHO, the last few releases have always repesented a step backwards.  The 'dark' screen is incredibly difficult to navigate using a mouse - it might be good for those using touchscreens, but for a proper computer, it's a nightmare.  The same for the much greater physical spacing between each track, good if you have a touch screen and fat fingers, but a total waste of real estate if you haven't.


ISTM that development is concentrating on 'phone and other tablet users and forgetting about the rest of us.  All the recent changes are definitely orientated towards touchscreens.


Also, having been prompted to download the latest version (and doing so. in the hope this particular issue had been resolved) I find I can no loger sort tracks in any of the columns. I wonder what other weird things I'm going to find over the next few days?


It's getting to the point where I start to wonder why I am paying this company.  Lots of others have complained about these and other issues, but nothing ever seems to get resolved.


I have a question.  Are earlier versions available (I would happily go back by several numbers) and can they be installed so that automatic updating is defeated?


as a comparison, here is a screenshot showing the spotify scrollbar next to a mac os one... Now one is fully convenient, the other one is not at all (we are all busy and HATE wasting time and attention being accurate to click on a scrollbar totally invisible, too slim/narrow and in a word, dysfunctionnal).
"trus me, I'm a graphic designer" -> design has to serve a function, not just be stylish...






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