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Update 17/2/14 - Almost 2 years ago I submitted this idea, and in the last few weeks, the number of Kudos email notifcations I receive daily is getting even more frequent. Thanks to everyone who keep's voting it up, I didn't think it would get 10 votes let alone over 1,000! Clearly it's popular but not as straight forward to develop hence the 'Not Right Now' status from Spotify, but keep the voting! The most rated ideas are getting developed and it's just a matter of time before this one does too. 






I'd like to see a miniplayer and mini controls for Spotify that could sit in the taskbar (Windows and Mac!)


The idea came about, after I kept maximising and minimising Spotify just to see my play queue and sometimes jump down a few . This is my solution making it a less obtrusive way of seeing what's coming up and track jumping. 




Updated on 2020-05-08

Update: This idea has been reposted here.


Updated on 2018-12-14

Hey Folks!

Thanks for coming to the Idea Exchange, and sharing your comments on this.

Although we appreciate many of you here would like to see a desktop mini-player, they are used by a very small subset of listeners overall. After speaking to the right teams, we’ve therefore decided to focus our immediate attention and resources on features that have a higher engagement at this time.

We may reassess this decision in the future. But, for now, we wanted to keep everyone in the loop. Rest assured we’re constantly working to implement feature requests you make via the Ideas Exchange.

Thanks for understanding, and please keep those ideas and requests coming!

A miniature mode similar to that of iTunes, where Spotify is minimized into a mini-window with only track information, playback, and volume controls. The ability to overlay the mini player on other windows would be ideal as well.


Really like this idea. Especially with small '13' inch laptop screens its nice to have a mini player somewhere in the corner. Furthermore, this miniplayer should have the option to 'always on top'.




Would really love that too, so annoying to alt + tab to get Spotify up would love to have a little bar In-Game so I can choose from  there. There might be one existing in the options, I don't know. 🙂


Superb idea... come on Spotify this should be standard functionality within the app! This option is available on all media apps i've used before, iTunes, WMP, WinAMP, RealPlayer etc...!



it would be cool if you could make a mini player where I can see, despite randommusic playback which song was before, and which two songs comes next.


Any news on a mini player ?


Im just now using this amazing application however I was severely depressed when I couldn't find a Mini player like with my iTunes.

It would be an awesome addition to an awesome app.  



I was just thinking that Spotify should have a mini-player for computers. One that doesn't take up much space on a computer screen. It has just the necessities and can be expand of course. 

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Why a different player? Why not just add an option to change the view like in Windows Media Player? A "skin" like addon. One could change a skin to Spotify to only have limited functions / panels open.

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I approved your image some hour ago. Thank you for sharing.

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