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Update 17/2/14 - Almost 2 years ago I submitted this idea, and in the last few weeks, the number of Kudos email notifcations I receive daily is getting even more frequent. Thanks to everyone who keep's voting it up, I didn't think it would get 10 votes let alone over 1,000! Clearly it's popular but not as straight forward to develop hence the 'Not Right Now' status from Spotify, but keep the voting! The most rated ideas are getting developed and it's just a matter of time before this one does too. 






I'd like to see a miniplayer and mini controls for Spotify that could sit in the taskbar (Windows and Mac!)


The idea came about, after I kept maximising and minimising Spotify just to see my play queue and sometimes jump down a few . This is my solution making it a less obtrusive way of seeing what's coming up and track jumping. 




Updated on 2020-05-08

Update: This idea has been reposted here.


Updated on 2018-12-14

Hey Folks!

Thanks for coming to the Idea Exchange, and sharing your comments on this.

Although we appreciate many of you here would like to see a desktop mini-player, they are used by a very small subset of listeners overall. After speaking to the right teams, we’ve therefore decided to focus our immediate attention and resources on features that have a higher engagement at this time.

We may reassess this decision in the future. But, for now, we wanted to keep everyone in the loop. Rest assured we’re constantly working to implement feature requests you make via the Ideas Exchange.

Thanks for understanding, and please keep those ideas and requests coming!
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TO THE MODERATOR: I was refered here because my original post for mini mode was labeled a " duplicate", which is in ways is not, because this post is refereing to Windows not MAC, and is asking for a menubar not a window player; so its different!!!!


-- IDEA --

Its been too long for Spotify to not have created a Mini/Compact mode for is desktop player. In the daily life of us having a full window music player in our way is becoming more and more annoying and destroys our workflow. We need better efficiency and that comes from this mini mode; as a window not some menubar. Things like this might not get much credit for how much difference they can make, but when it comes to creating simplicity and seamless workflow it creates wonders in peoples lives. Please, for once put the people first, and be bigger than yourselves for once and take heart-felt consideration in bring forth what the people want. (Plus, it would increase sales if you made it a premium feature; ever heard word travels fast, so would everyone joining Spotify Premium). I would also respect my rendition of my mock mini mode over the windows one above, mine looks way better, sorry it just does. its simple.


Excellence Example: I had an issue with some Intel® software that was not working correctly, I talked to them on a fourm no doubt, and they value there customers so much thay rewrote the program overnight and resubmitted a new verion that worked the next evening!!! THAT IS A+ SERVICE."


Mini Mode for macOS.png




It shouldnt take a voting system to implement this when its standard for every other media player (iTunes, Pandora, 3rd party players; but with community fourms that's the way of things;


"This is how companies can get away with avoiding bring ideas to the table by shoving ideas under the rug or on the shelve and forgeting about them. how many ideas on the fourm have 7000+ votes and its been that way for years... point made." (personal I dislike community fourms for this reason.) Also, if they dont like your comment, because the truth hurts they delete your post. sickening. (Sony is famous for this). That is what this world has come too. 


Obviously, many Americans are moving to Apple Music due to your insistence on ignoring feedback of users.  Count me out now too. 

This is so spot on! At the moment the ONLY reason I haven't left is the deal with Hulu.

I've seen no innovation at all from Spotify in my time as a customer. In fact, they've removed features!
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It doesnt matter if this get to 15,000 votes, the company is going to get to it when they do; if ever. Save your energy and give up on Spotify. If you really want a mini play go to iTunes ot some 3rd party player that has one. This company doesnt care; there efforts and actions speak loudly on that note. "To them profits come before community wants"

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Anything like the mini players in the image I attached would be amazing. I just want an at-a-glance look at the song title/artist name and a quick way to save the song to my library. Ability to have the player float above other windows would also be great! I would REALLY love to have this. 


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@merekatter wrote:

Anything like the mini players in the image I attached would be amazing. I just want an at-a-glance look at the song title/artist name and a quick way to save the song to my library. Ability to have the player float above other windows would also be great! I would REALLY love to have this. 



First off, this is all Apple's iTunes design and that is patented so it will never look like that, possibility similar if they ever get to it which I doubt, since thye are more focused on way to raise profits and not really satisfing customers feature requests. Lastly, the representation I created is the closed to what it would most likey would look like, with the addition that the controls would auto hide. This company is keeps it simple, there not apple there not innovators they just want the profit.


@Kgari wrote:

"Windows 10 users can use a smaller mini player with play controls (but no play queue)" - how?!

well, spotify? want to explain yourselves or what


you used to be able to download an exe called Spofy and run it alongside spotify to have a mini player like this, but then spotify did an update in july that broke all mini player programsspofy.png

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Apparently, this is Spotify's solution to a Mini Player I had on my MacBook Pro the whole time and didn't even know it. I will say it works great! 👍  Jokingly, anyone would wants a $3600 mini player go get a MacBook Pro ... hA!


For eveyone else:

@fourtwo - If spotify's update stopped another program from running then its up to the developers of that other program to update it so it continues to work with Spotify; I would talk with them instead. Spotify is not going to care if I being be blunt.



pls hear us spotify, this is a great idea



A mini player that can remain 'always on top" needs to show onlw now playing art and forward, play/pausse, and forward when clicked on.