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Update 17/2/14 - Almost 2 years ago I submitted this idea, and in the last few weeks, the number of Kudos email notifcations I receive daily is getting even more frequent. Thanks to everyone who keep's voting it up, I didn't think it would get 10 votes let alone over 1,000! Clearly it's popular but not as straight forward to develop hence the 'Not Right Now' status from Spotify, but keep the voting! The most rated ideas are getting developed and it's just a matter of time before this one does too. 






I'd like to see a miniplayer and mini controls for Spotify that could sit in the taskbar (Windows and Mac!)


The idea came about, after I kept maximising and minimising Spotify just to see my play queue and sometimes jump down a few . This is my solution making it a less obtrusive way of seeing what's coming up and track jumping. 




Updated on 2020-05-08

Update: This idea has been reposted here.


Updated on 2018-12-14

Hey Folks!

Thanks for coming to the Idea Exchange, and sharing your comments on this.

Although we appreciate many of you here would like to see a desktop mini-player, they are used by a very small subset of listeners overall. After speaking to the right teams, we’ve therefore decided to focus our immediate attention and resources on features that have a higher engagement at this time.

We may reassess this decision in the future. But, for now, we wanted to keep everyone in the loop. Rest assured we’re constantly working to implement feature requests you make via the Ideas Exchange.

Thanks for understanding, and please keep those ideas and requests coming!
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Rock Star 24

I love this idea!


This mini-player is a great idea...instead of being on top at all times though I think I'd prefer a mini-player that would pop-up from the bottom/taskbar when you hover over a specific, moveable spot on the screen.


In the same way Mac's taskbars work. Would keep the screen void of small window clutter... Just my 2 cents. 🙂


I think this is amazing. If Spotify had this I would purchase right now. The way it is I think spotify needs to work on polishing the App and also expanding content. I mean guys Beatles ? Seriously? Get your best pitbull sales person and make it happen. This add-on is epic and once this is added I will be paying dues I can promise that.


Thanks for thinking for us users bro! 


Love it!


It should appear by merely hovering over the tray icon... And if Spotify chooses to implement skins (which I'm really hoping they will) it should follow the same theme.

Woop I may have contributed to something!! Feeling good Smiley Very Happy 


Love this


Came to the forums to post this idea and you have already done this


A streamlined "mini" player is exactly what spotify needs


Something either in the taskbar like you did, or the ability to minimize the main program window into a "Mini-Player"


I really like your idea for the upcoming songs in your playlist but I would like to see a scrollable playlist

That way when the miniplayer pops up you can select any song in a playlist


basically the mini player wouldnt allow you to search or navigate just move from playlist to playlist and play different songs in those playlists


there is so much this company can do witih this program and spotify could become huge, it's sad to see the pace at which the programs (windows/mac) and (ios/android) are growing, its pathetic considering how many people may the subscription costs.


hopefully they are done focusing on getting big time sponsors after the coke deal and can move on to focusing on improving the quality of the service 


I really like SPOTIFY, and I would use it even more--and even more fully justify my paid subscription--if the company implemented the miniplayer feature. I like listening to playlists of new music while I am otherwise working in Google Chrome or a desktop application. My attention to the music varies, but I really like being able to glance (when in iTunes) quickly at the track information when something wonderful grabs my attention. Sometimes I just want to know that a specific musician is worth exploring further or a specific track is worth repeating in future without having to click through to Spotify and breaking my workflow. Once you get used to the convenience (iTunes), it feels like a loss (Spotify) not to have the miniplayer feature.



Like this idea--and would add that it could help in providing a seamless SPOTIFY experience in terms of UI/UX/graphic design shared by mobile and desktop. User-friendly! 


Do this AND give us the option to embed it on the Windows Taskbar Ribbon as well as a toolbar you can toggle.


A mini player or task bar player would be nice.



A mini player would be very helpful. I have a 14 inch screen and would like to be able to see what's playing without having to move my mouse to the windows taskbar to toggle between screens.  Also, like Windows Media Player, make an option for the mini player to stay on top of other windows.