[Desktop] Minimised album list or grid view for artist pages

If you like an artist with 40+ years under their belt, on Spotify it's really frustrating and boring to have to endlessly scroll through an artist's mediocre recent material, endless box sets, remixes, "Best Of"s, and repackaging of old albums, then wade your way past their cheesy '00s dance phase, embarrassing 90s garage phase, experimental 80s synth pop phase etc... before finally getting to their best / earliest albums. SO...


It would be awesome to be able to cycle between the current view, which I'm calling the "ridiculously verbose list view", to a "minimised list view" (like on mobile?) and then an "icon grid view" while looking at an artist's page. I can see no reason why this can't be done, and can see no reason why a mega expanded list view makes more sense than a grid view for these artists.


I am using the Linux desktop app where this is definitely a problem, but IIRC this is also a problem on the Windows client too.



Updated: 2016-06-30

Hey there. 

You can already do that. At the artist page on the top right just click on the toggle button there to switch between different views. The normal and the condensed album view. 😉 

Status: Case Closed