[Desktop][Other] Miniplayer for Desktop App

The Google Chrome app has a mini-player, but for some reason the desktop version doesn't. That would be super nice to have, and doesn't seem too hard to implement (it has already been put in the chrome version..)

Updated on 2020-07-30

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Having a mini-player is much more important now than ever. Working from home forces me on my laptop all day with tons of different windows open. Being able to quickly check what's playing on Spotify would be helpful, especially if there was a feature where the mini-player could stay on top of all the browser windows/apps. 

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Updated on 2020-05-08

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This had over 7000 votes in the prior iteration. Seems a shame the count got reset by moving it here. 

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Yeah, it got closed though.

Hopefully they will consider it again.

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Hi there! I’ve posted the same idea several months ago and it’s got a bit more headway on votes. As it’s the same concept it would be cool if you could vote for that one as well to get this idea to the Spotify team faster. Thanks so much and let’s hope this become a feature. 🙂

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Alright, I voted. Thanks for telling me!


It seems a bit like moving the goalposts to say you'll look into it "once it reaches the necessary amount of votes", while explicitly stating on the old version with almost 8k votes that you've "reopened" the suggestion.


I've been wondering if something like this exists. I'm thinking of making one myself instead of waiting around for spotify to do it. Anyone have any specific feature requests they think would be helpful? I'm thinking the smaller and more minimalist the better.

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Yes, I would have to agree. Something similar to Google Play Music’s web player or the iTunes miniplayer was what I had in mind. You should have the ability to skip songs, and see album artwork.

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i think it would also be nice to be able to save/like the song as well 🙂