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Now we can only visualize the current verse and a few next ones but we should be able to view the whole lyrics as it is on the mobile app.


Updated on 2022-08-10

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First, I am glad to have lyrics back after a long time, now, in Windows 10, as the song plays, the text lines begin to scroll automatically, however, sync is usually bad, and if it is too fast, the last line completely disappears, and you cannot sing it.


Would you mind showing 1 or 2 lines faded. Just as the next ones shows up?


And sometimes color backgrounds are too bright... but maybe that's just me.




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For Spotify for desktop, I suggest adding a toggle button to toggle different style of lyrics showing, just like the musixmatch app. You can either choose to show a single verse of the song that matches to the song currently playing like the current version or to show a multiple verse at once like the older version. Cause the synchronization between song and the lyrics is not very accurate.


Yes, please show at least the previous and next line.

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Totally agree.. if lyrics are too faste, sometimer you loose the line you're reading before jumping to the other and is impossible to sing-along. 

Keeping the last line faded like te following ones are, should be easy and would solve this issue.


I agree, I wish there was a way to just follow along to a songs lyrics, like karaoke, so you can sing along! I know some songs have lyrics with Genius, but they're interrupted with info about the artist. I like that feature, but there should be a way to switch between Genius lyrics and just FULL lyrics. I want to sing along!!!

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They just need to fix the desktop version to be similar to the mobile version .
Mobile version allows you to scroll through the full lyrics too.

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