[Desktop][Playlists] Bring back Sorting options

It appears the improved functionality in the desktop app that differentiated it from the webplayer has been removed in the current version.


For playlists that have lots of music, it is very useful to be able to sort those playlists.


We look forward to this feature being restored.


Updated on 2020-09-16

Hey there,


We're setting this to Case Closed since the test involving the removal of the Sorting options on the Desktop app ended.


If you keep missing these options, make sure to reinstall the app and double-check it's on the latest version.


If you're still missing them, also make sure you're not using the Web Player (in place of the Desktop App).




I think the lack of sorting options is my biggest complaint when compared to Apple Music. I was a long time iTunes/Apple Music user and I used several of their sorting options, such as genre, year released, and songs unchecked (which Spotify doesn't seem to do). I love Spotify, but this would be very useful, along with showing the album NAME on every screen.


This is not a new idea, it was a useful feature that was removed over a year ago. Stop removing features and fix the user interface so it is actually useful again.


Basic functionality. Why does this not exist? 


I don't understand why Spotify like adds 1 feature and deletes 10 at the same time. It's like they had 100 devs in 2016 and 20 now. And all they want to do is make the Spotify app easier and cheaper to manage. It's ok to use Electron and basically a website inside a Chrome browsers (that's why Spotify is like 100MB for basically nothing) but don't limit the features to the web version of Spotify. Unless you bring all Desktop Features to the web client. Spotify has way fewer features than back in the day. So it should be possible to bring all desktop features to open.spotify.com. Last time I checked React could sort tables. 

Casual Listener

I can sort my playlists just fine. Does this mean this has been fixed?


@danyrem Ah, you must not have heard about or experienced what happened. So Spotify was trialling replacing the desktop application with the web player. They're both web apps of course but they haven't been the same until that trial. The Spotify web player lacks a LOT of features, including sorting. Spotify has put that trial on hold for now but we do not know when they'll do it again. We can only hope that if they do, they add features to the web player that the desktop app has.


I would love the ability to have folders as well. I have a lot of playlists and it is impossible to navigate them, especially given that I could easily sort them into a handful of specific folders that would make it much easier to navigate.


And while you're at it, also bring back the playlist track numbering which has been removed. Allow us to manage the playlists better, and stop removing useful features.


Spotify, can you reply to some of these comments and explain why you remove simple features?


Sorting and filtering should be a fundamental function, not sure why it would be removed. 


Hi Guys


Any further Status Updates regarding this idea.  It's been nearly 4 months since the last one.


Really frustrating when a great feature is deleted for some inexplicable reason.