[Desktop] Prevent Windows from sleeping when Spotify Premium is playing

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I posted this before but it went inactive.

This seems like a simple bug fix that people have been requesting for 2 3 years. (Lots of requests around the interwebs).

This is only a problem in Spotify Premium. I'm assuming the ads were keeping Windows awake. I'm not sure which is more annoying, the ads or this bug. 

Please fix!

Updated on 2017-11-02

Hey folks,

We’ve been exploring many ways of enabling customers to play music while the screen is off. Most of the solutions we had explored involved preventing Windows from being able to turn the screen off, which would result in a much higher degree of battery use—something that we don't want to do.


The good news is that a fix for this is in the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. With this update playback on Spotify can continue while the screen is off to conserve your battery power. While you might not have this update yet, you can update Windows manually by going here: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4028685/windows-10-get-the-fall-creators-update. The music will, however, stop when your computer goes to sleep. You can control the sleep settings in the Power & sleep settings. 


Please know our Desktop teams take your feedback very seriously and they’re excited to help fix this issue for you all. Thanks for continuing to bring us your Spotify Ideas.

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I just can't get my head around this issue. This bug exists for years. And neither enough users nor the developers seem to care that much.

It's a default behavior of ANY media software. While playing tell the OS it must not go to power save mode. It must be really simple to implement this, since this is such a basic thing. Not just for media software. You have to implement such a thing for most things. Like rendering, virus scan, backup, software update, etc. Whenever software is doing something that takes a while, it has to disable sleep mode for that while. Why not spotify?

And no, turning off power saving is not a solution to this as I have often read. I WANT my PC to go to sleep if I'm away for a while. And changing it every time I use spotify is very annoying.

Again. I can not understand why not all the people are complaining. Because I'm sure if that would be the case, it would have been done a long time ago. Is no one using spotify to play in the background while doing something else? Has everyone switched off power saving?

I mean look. This thread is up for a week now and has only 4 votes. It will be ignored again.


Agreed. This is a simple enough feature that would improve the quality of spotify. Listening at home and having to turn my pc back on every 30 minutes is at a minimum enoying. Turning off suspend is not an option as pfeifeinheini has just described above. 


Please, fix it, or propose alternative solution.


Thanks to the guy who posted it.


Please sort this out!


The fact I have to come and post here to add support for this pretty obvious and basic feature is a joke.



windows 10 is out... any progress Spotify? MS? Thinking of leaving Spotify for an application that works (Pandora?) can anyone recommend one?


There's an app on iOS called workflow (http://www.engadget.com/2014/12/11/automate-your-ios-life-with-workflow/) whch appears to be a bit like a macro; records your actions and allows you to play them back with a click of the icon. If there's something similar for Windows you could use this to open Spotify and another app simultaneously (one that prevents the computer sleeping eg "Insomnia Clock") Insomnia clock would only open and close with the opening and closing of Spotify then, and not another programme (allowing sleep mode to still work when not in spotify)


If anyone knows a windows equivalent of "Workflow" please let me know?


FYI (to Spotify team) the code for telling the OS Spotify is in use is "SetThreadExecutionState" just code it in



FYI (to users here) there is an app that executes "SetThreadExecutionState", like "Inspomnia clock" you have to launch it and close it seperately to Spotify but it appears to give more control (like setting the time period you want it to be active)