[Desktop] Search by typing a Letter

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Hi! Please bring back the ability to search for a song/artist by pressing the letter it begins with, that was super handy!


The other updates are great though I love the queue and 'your music' header.


Updated on 2021-10-09

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Marked as new idea and edited it to let it focus on 1 request.
This idea wants back the ability to type a letter to jump to an artist or song in a list. Not to be confused with the filter in playlists which is confirmed to come back here.


This should not be something that has to be requested. Why would you even remove this functionality in the first place? This method works with every list in the known universe except for Spotify playlists. You need to fix this, pronto.


Now they are just **bleep**ing with us!

They remove an existing option from a product we bought and then tell us that they noted it as a NEW feature when we ask back for it!

**bleep** SPOTIFY!


I would also like to know why this feature was removed in the first place...


They fixed the one bug I came across the most,  a playlist jumping to the top when deleting a track from further down, and then now they remove typing to jump TO an artist when I type the first letter of the artist name though it too was a bit buggy.   Please bring this back!


I cannot agree more. With hundreds of songs in a playlist, typing the first letter of a song or artist is a huge time saver.


 I've spent 23 years on this earth without properly learning the order of the alphabet. DONT MAKE ME LEARN IT NOW!!! Let me jump around my 1400 song playlist using the keyboard again please.


I used to find this feature extremely useful and am very frustrated that it has been arbitrarily removed as with other spotify features in recent releases.


I wish the company would listen to feedback from users and actually improved the usability of the product rather than degrading it.


Yes, this is so frustrating. It is a basic functionality and all of a sudden disappeared with the last update. I just don't understand Spotify's reasoning sometimes. Please Spotify, bring this back


All well and good labelling the post as a "new idea" but this is something that needs to be adressed in the next update. Shouldn't have been removed in the first place. I own a playlist with over 2500 songs and scrolling through them is very time-consuming, especially when Spotify finds it hard to handle any mildly difficult requests, such as scrolling down a list or through an artist's discography.

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