[Desktop] Select default Sound Device

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Currently Spotify defaults to using the default sound device under windows when launched, it would be neat if you could choose which sound device you want to use isntead in the options screen,



Updated on 2020-01-10

Hi folks.

Windows 10 now lets you set the default output device on a per-app basis.

@Sebasty posted a great explanation here.


@secutor666 I appreciate what you are saying, but the fact that one OS implemented a feature that provides a workaround for this issue is not a solution.


I do find it interesting that the mods were able to respond to my new Idea within hours to close it and send me here but have not been able to correct this one or address this issue for years. It shows how little they care about real application issues. When I look at the front page of Ideas I see the top idea is "Turn Spotify pink for XXX album release!". Apparently that's what Spotify pays their dev teams to do.


Yeah, I totally agree. But this OS implementation is not just a fix for this workaround. You can force any audio devices to output on whatever you want. This is an awsome feature and I am glad that this is finally in windows. But what Spotify is doing here boggles my mind. They release this experimental feature, a few month later microsoft is brining this to windows 10 natively and Spotify just leaves this here without doing anything. At least inform people for f***'s sake. I'm getting notifications every month from people who are mad because they don't know that this is broken, cuz microsoft added the solution within windows 10. They've changed how audio devices are getting routed or something like that. Sure, I could unsubscribe to this thread. But I feel sorry for all these guys getting fooled by this s***.


The way with editing the properties doesnt work for me anymore. Only for me or also for others? I just need that feature god **bleep**, cant be that hard to implement



Just look through the last few posts in this thread. 


Any solution for Mac?


I can't find this setting in the Linux client.  PulseAudio changes the output device for applications based on its own set of rules, but I want the guarantee that Spotify will always use the same PA device I have created for it (i.e. RTP broadcast)


Tried this fix and it didn't work on my windows 10 desktop.  It didn't show "Playback Device" anywhere in preferences.

Using Spotify


@jrtindall If you are talking about the launch arguments, those ceased to work a while ago when Windows 10 began allowing users to define output devices for running applications directly in their audio settings section. (Not the sound panel, but the Settings App System section, Sound tab, and at the very bottom is the App Volume and Device Preferences button)


Note: THIS ONLY WORKS ON RUNNING APPLICATIONS! I have seen very many users complain that this doesn't work, and more often than not they are not actively playing sound, so the application control does not detect Spotify. Some applications are detected by default, but for some reason Spotify isn't.

Status changed to: Case Closed

Updated on 2020-01-10

Hi folks.

Windows 10 now lets you set the default output device on a per-app basis.

@Sebasty posted a great explanation here.


When using the desktop client, we can select the listening device.
In my case, I would never want to play on 'This computer', but rather on of the other connected devices.



Whenever I restart & don't already have music playing. The client won't remember that the last time i was playing music was on the other device. 

I have to manually select the other device each time.

I would rather configure a default listening device.

when configured it would automatically select and start playing on the configured default device. Instead of having to select that device manually.