[Desktop] Show whole Track Title

Some times when there is a song title that is very long, you till see "bla bla bla...". It would be great if by holding the mouse over it, you could see the whole song title.

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Updated on 2018-06-15


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Casual Listener



...and the same should go for all other clipped content, like "biography", or "similar artists".


/ Andreas


This is absolutely essential for classical music, especially operas!!
Song titles on classical albums frequently start with the work title; when truncated, they become almost useless.
For example, 50 tracks all starting with "Wagner - Götterdämmerung ..." are impossible to navigate.

Seriously, this is a key feature that decides if Spotify is useful for me.
Needless to say that other services aren't better...

I really hope spotify is working on this (hint hint). The biggest attraction for me to buy in was going back and finding all the bands I listened to in highschool and seeing what new albums the've since come out with... problem is that with the song and album titles being cut off, I can rarely see the years in which these albums were released and such.


Please include a scrolling "ticker" feature. I'm no coder but I'm sure it wouldn't be difficult. For the ios app you could even add a swipe gesture feature from right to left (just like you've done with swiping from left to right) to scroll the text.




@AndreasH wrote:

...and the same should go for all other clipped content, like "biography", or "similar artists".

Exactly! Another incidence where there's text clipped is when you're on a playlist page, and the playlist has a long title. There's simply no way to read the full title. You mouse over the clipped title, as you're used by other apps to get a tooltip, but: No tooltip!

Casual Listener

As a classical listner as well I would like to add my support for this. The issue is even greater on the Android mobile app where in most cases it is impossible to know which song you are on. For an example, on the album Host: The Planets, this is the most you can see of each song:


The Planets, Op.32 (2002 - Rema


Scrolling song titles, or a way to bring up the full details of a song via a menu/right click would be very helpful. (on the Android app just allowing landscape would be a plus!!)


I just resubscribed to premium spotify and this is the main issue that makes me concider not continuing the service.


This really irritates me because it makes it impossible to differentiate between mixes of a song. This is solved in the Music app: you hold down a finger on a song title, and a popup shows the full title. Spotify, please fix this 😞

This is one of the major faults of the iPhone app as well. I am trying to listen to Orff's Carmina Burana, but cannot tell which track is which without simply listening to the beginning of each one. Same issue when listening to operas, symphonies, and any other larger work. PLEASE fix this.
This is can't view the full title of a song? Really? Are we missing something or is this the dumbest design quirk ever? Fixing it would be a no-brainer.

Yeah, it's incredibly frustrating that the full title is not visible on my android phone. I often hunt for the best remix of a track and that means they often have a long title since they often include text like '(DJ Name Type remix)'.

Today when I search for a track I normally only get the title of the track and the first paranthesis and maybe one or two letters from inside the paranthesis, so it's impossible to tell them apart from eachother.


PLEASE make the titles automatically scroll!


In support of the comments above, the mobile app needs to be updated to show the entire song title.  Classical works and operas are impossible to navigate.  For example, every track on Yo Yo Ma's "Inspired by Bach" album appears as "Unaccompanied Cello Suite No....".    There are 36 tracks.