[Desktop][Social] Upsetting new update: Friend Activity default to off

 As of Monday, 11/29/21: 


Spotify suddenly changed everyone’s Friend Activity settings to “off,” meaning that all listening activity of those you follow has now been quietly disabled in the Friend Activity section- unless each of your friends reads their Spotify emails and explicitly switches it back to “on.” Most users will not be aware that their activity is now off, profoundly damaging Spotify’s most important social feature, as well as the most reliable, accurate, around-the-clock means of finding new music. We are told to let our friends know of this change in order to turn it back on, however I have no way of contacting some of my Spotify friends because we are not friends in real life. 


This decision is both saddening and highly arbitrary as the “Private Session” feature can be utilized to keep listening activity private when necessary.


Users rely heavily on this feature to get through the workday as well as the pandemic in general. Please consider that this entirely changes the listening experience and purpose of Spotify for many.

Spotify is no more competitive than Apple Music unless this update is reversed. 


From Spotify Moderator on 12/01/21: 


Hey everyone,

Thanks for reaching out on the Community! We've moved your posts to a relevant Help Board where they fit better.

We can confirm that due to privacy reasons, the default setting for sharing your listening activity with friends was changed to off with recent releases. This means that those who had it on before without explicitly setting it on, now have it switched off. This would explain why they aren't in your feed any more.

You can let your friends know of this change and ask them to turn it on in their settings if they want to share their listening activity.”


Thank you.

Updated on 2021-12-08

Hey! Thanks for bringing your feedback to the Idea Exchange.

We’re closing this idea because this change was made in order to give users more freedom to choose if they want to share their listening activity through the Friends Activity feed or don't. It's important to emphasize that the Friends Activity feature isn't being deprecated.
You can find more information about this recent change and the step-by-step to opt-in the sharing of your activity with your followers here.


  • How to choose between opt-in or opt-out?
  1. On Spotify for desktop, tap your name on the top of the app;
  2. Go to Settings
  3. On the Social tab, opt-in or opt-out on the option Share my listening activity on Spotify


If you have more questions about it, feel free to reach out to us here.


Keep Rocking!


We have been a spotify premum member with my family for years. We have a lot of acquaintances with whom we follow each other, but there is no connection between us in any other way. Now their activities are no longer updated. Terribly annoying. We thought seriously about giving it up. We've had a problem with the company before. Their help is completely useless. No support is provided, no error tickets can be sent from applications. It's just a pay and keep quiet type of company. That's enough of you. What was the response from support before? You should focus more on what really matters. This feature has been turned on and off by anyone who wanted it. ..shame.


Why was this a change that needed to be made in the first place? It’s ridiculous, users have always had the option to opt out of sharing their activity why now is that being changed? Honestly, most users don’t know about this change and this effectively makes the friend activity obsolete. This was the one thing that Spotify had that no other app had and now it’s basically gone. Please revert the change, users always had the option to go private, this was completely unnecessary. 


I lost all my friend activity due to default settings is off to all users. I had friends on my list who are not real friends in real life. how could I reach them to say open your settings. people were only sharing music, not personal life nor phoyos. it was a huge music flow and made necessary to explore new music. how this could be  a privacy issue? people had right to close it this before, spotify should concentrate on improving friend activity not disable it. otherwise there will be no difference than apple music.!!!!!!!!


I agree completely. This is one of the worst updates Spotify have ever released. I’m moving to Apple Music tomorrow 


Totally agree. So many people will never realize their friend activity is off. "On" should be the default. Users can turn it off if they have a privacy concern.


At least you could have showed up a popup " Would you like to continue sharing your activity?"


However, my activity was never turned off. Did they turn off just some? I truly don't understand. I still see people in my feed while others are stuck at what they listened a week ago.


This stinks. Friend Activity is the main reason I use Spotify over other services. 


Its horrible!!! Why did they have to change the best feature on the app? ughhhhhh