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[Desktop] System Tray Icon with Player Controls (Pause, next, etc.)

While recent versions of Spotify Desktop (e.g. 1.0.8) have got the "minimize to system tray" option again, this is simply just an icon which allows you to open the full Spotify window.

Obviously our attempts to get the minimize to tray option were not specific enough about wanting exactly the same functionality returned, so can we please have:

A system tray icon which has the same functionality (via right mouse click) as it did before it was removed, which was:

• Name of current track playing
• Open Spotify
• Option to Hide from task bar when closed
• Play
• Next
• Previous
• Shuffle
• Repeat
• Exit
You had this before, so I dont see why you cant have it again.

Edit: This idea has been reposted here.

Updated on 2018-06-16


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Agree with this!

Casual Listener

Heck yes. Even if it's just the mini-controls that appear above the taskbar item on hover, that would be great. A system tray icon which does nothing on a single left-click is a UX smell.

Casual Listener

Thank you for bringing back the system tray icon, but yes, it doesn't really do much now. Please return play controls to the system tray context menu so users may skip tracks without bringing up the full Spotify window in the middle of work or browsing.


what the hell is a tray?? you have a tray in your computer? does it bake bread?



Yep, play controls and info about song on hover needed.


Please please please add back this functionality. I've noticed I've almost stopped using spotify entirely since this was removed.

When I need to pause a song for some reason, phonecall at work or whatever, I just start sighing because it takes like 3-4 clicks and searching around for the locations of pause-buttons etc now, so that when it's time to unpause it again I just put it off because I can't be bothered, and usually just leave the music off for the rest of the day.


Controlling my music used to be so simple, now I have to fill my screen with a fullscreen program and look around for buttons instead of having them all easily accessible in the tray-menu.

I miss the old days.


I couldn't agree more. When the march update that removed the minimize to tray option hit, I rolled back and blocked spotify updates. I've been running with the old version up until today, when I saw that the minimize to tray function was back. So I finally updated. To my dismay, however, I noticed too late that I have now lost the ability to change track without opening the ginormous window.


This is the number one feature on my wishlist, and it's honestly a little depressing that it's a feature I already had half an hour ago.

Casual Listener

Agreed, this is critical. I would also add please add a tooltip that shows current track while simply hovering over the tray icon. Would also be awesome to thumbs up/star a track from the tray menu.


Also, program window should be shown/hidden by single click on tray icon.