[Desktop] System Tray Icon with Player Controls (Pause, next, etc.)

While recent versions of Spotify Desktop (e.g. 1.0.8) have got the "minimize to system tray" option again, this is simply just an icon which allows you to open the full Spotify window.

Obviously our attempts to get the minimize to tray option were not specific enough about wanting exactly the same functionality returned, so can we please have:

A system tray icon which has the same functionality (via right mouse click) as it did before it was removed, which was:

• Name of current track playing
• Open Spotify
• Option to Hide from task bar when closed
• Play
• Next
• Previous
• Shuffle
• Repeat
• Exit
You had this before, so I dont see why you cant have it again.

Edit: This idea has been reposted here.

Updated on 2018-06-16


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There is a ridiculous option "Minimise to tray" when you right click your tray icon/agent. However when you open it back you have to, once again and everytime, go to the system tray icon Right Click and then click Minimise to system tray. Apparently the option is there but they don't want to give us the option to minimise it there at all times.


This is enough for me to consider canceling my premium membership and just use an alternative. What a poor attitude from those guys ...


I just don't get why this was taken away in the first place. I think many of us use Spotify while we are working in other windows and it was incredibly conveient, if not crucial, to be able to change the song from the tray. It's such a simple thing that I took for granted and I feel inconvenienced now. I wish I knew the thought process behind this.


It was taken away because the product managers who decided to throw out the old client had no idea what it was they tried to replace, and any feedback fell on deaf ears. That and the sad notion they don't seem to have any Windows developers just adds to the frustration of being a Spotify user.


How long can it take to re-implement a handful of simple tasks, which to begin with were deliberately taken out? Today, one and a half years after version "1.0" became available we're still severely lacking basic UX functionality. It's a disgrace to put it lightly.


Bump for awareness.

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And another bump, cause I still cant understand why they wouldnt just add back in such useful functionality...


A friend told me it is in fact possible to do this. But apparently it isn't *any more*!! What?! What a joke.


Add it back in. Any decent music player since like 2005 has this.


It actually came up in conversation about whether there's any point in using the full application instead of Spotify Web. I guess there isn't really, since this is missing. What is the darn thing updating for anyway? Making it slower?


Please bring this back. It is such a simple yet a crucial function. I just don't understand why it was taken out in the first place. The tray icon is completely useless now.


The android Spotify app has a perfect widget, by the way. I now keep my smartphone next to me if I'm listening to Spotify desktop while working, because instead of opening the full screen desktop application, it's easier to just look at my phone to see what song is playing and to stop/skip it. Which is ridiculous.


Date: 2016-10-10


Spotify still has not added this very basic common-sense fundenmental control function.


Why is it that Dev's for programs and software continue to ignore some really common sense functions and 'accessibility' features?


****bump**** PLEASE reconsider the playback features in the taskbar icon by OP.


I run a 4-monitor system and usually have LOTS going on... Spotify is almost always running & playing on my system while I'm sitting in front of it and if you notice the Windows taskbar, along with task tray icons are present on all screens. When a song comes on that I don't want to listen to it I can't simply click the icon to change the track. I have to stop what I'm doing, maximize Spotify, click next song (however many times I click it), then minimize it again and go back to working. The process to switch to another track is so lengthy and really unncessary, being that you already have a task tray icon.


Here's my normal scenario, please keep in mind I have astigmatism so my eyes take slightly longer than most to focus on things, especially text: I have Spotify on the far left monitor, the web project I'm coding in a browser on the large wide screen in the middle, then a database app in the smaller middle screen and finally the 4th screen on the right in portrait mode has a FULL screen of web coding. So I'm working and coding, right? Focused on the text and what I'm doing... and then I lose my train my thought... my flow so-to-speak, is broken because a song comes on and breaks the moment I was in, I have to break, take my eyes off what I'm doing and switch back over to the 1st screen with Spotify to change the track, after finding the desired track, I can swing back around to the furthest right monitor to get back into what I was doing... but my flows was broken. I have to find that rhythm I lost. And while it may seem minimal... keep in mind I may sit at the computer for up to 12-hours-straight coding... imagine how many tracks I could come across that I'd want to skip over.


I'm beginning to feel the a recession of features in Spotify over the past year or so... I **REALLY LOVED** the syncronized lyrics that used to scroll through when a song was playing, but it was removed suddenly with no replacement or option of a replacement, only told that it was being worked on and then *poof* - gone, no more.


Being a premium member who is now a family plan subscriber, I would hope a suggestion from an established and long time customer would hold some kind of weight in the implementation of such a simple feature that you already have the base of the application installed - just add the couple of links in the right click menu PLEASE. I'd really hate to have to install a 3rd party hack to accomplish this.


Picture: Desk was cleaned for photo - nobody wants to see the mess it usually looks like... if you'd like, just imagine the papers on the left, multiplied by 10 and strewn all across the desk lol







They've had two years since the feature-deprived "1.0" landed to re-implement this simple yet vital function, something I personally reported on during its beta. It's just not going to happen.

I'm still on at work, with this being one of the major reasons I've blocked further updates.