[Desktop] View all Tracks among Playlist Folders

In previous versions you could click on a playlist-folder in the left hand pane and see all songs that are included in child-playlists of that folder. You were able to select songs from all of the playlists included in that folder and add them to another playlist or the queue. 

Now you only can go through every child-playlist of that folder and search songs there and it's also not possible anymore to create a playlist-radio for the whole folder.


I used to have a playlist-folder with genre-playlists of music I really like. I could decide whether I'd like to listen to music from a single genre or from all of the genres I like. I know you can still play the whole playlist-folder but you can't just start with your favorite song or browse all the songs included in all child-playlists anymore because there is no list.

Please bring this feature back or at least give us the choice of how we want playlist-folders to be displayed.

Updated on 2019-08-29



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I have exact the same reason for getting the listview back. When you have got genre-playlists this feature were perfect.

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Exactly! This should go back to the way it was. Or you should be able to switch between playlist-icons and list of song-titles in folder.


I just downgraded because of this, will upgrade again when this is back


This was a huge loss to how I use Spotify.  My primary reason for choosing Spotify over Google Play Music was making social playlists with my friends, which we have one for each month, I have these organized in folders.  Before the change, I could shuffle my entire 'Monthly Mixes' folder by selecting it in the left pane.  Now only single playlists can be shuffled/listened to as far as I can tell.


Purely from a UI perspective its a backstep too - it duplicates the information in the left side panel in the main screen.



Please revert this change!  I challenge you to find more customers than have posted here who like the 'new' way.

Glad I figured out how to downgrade. Probably won't bother to update ever again! Too many mistakes like this in the updates.

Seconded! This new playlist view of a Folder has no use, especially because you can already expand folder in the sidebar and see all the playlists there. So basically it's a duplicate feature.


Folder view with a list of all songs from the child playlists for me was the main point of grouping playlists, like to be able to listen to songs from a couple of different playlists that share similar vibe (like different playlists with postiive tunes grouped into the one "upbeat") was extremely useful. 

I really hope that Spotify won't be messing with it in the mobile app too...


PS: @Schnitzelspecht I think this threads's title is a bit misleading, shouldn't it be sth like "bringback tracklist view in folders"?

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@cloudsmaker: i've edited the title. i'm no english native speaker and thus use terms that are familiar to me (listview is actually the name of controls that are similar to the spotify-tracklist in some programming languages ;))



btw: to all ppl who - like me - need their old folder-view back: there is a (not supported) option to get the old client back.

download spotify from filehippo (google it - spotify will remove the link if i posted it here) and install it.

then follow those steps: https://community.spotify.com/t5/Help-Desktop-Linux-Mac-and/Horrible-update-0-8-8/m-p/280204/highlig...


I also found that, on my laptop which did the upgrade, I cannot create a playlist in a folder.


File no longer has a New Playlist option.,


The + create playlist option creates it at the top level even if I'm currently selecting the folder in which I want it to go.


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@EarlPurple you should be able to drag'n'drop it to the playlist folder though.

but downgrading might be even easier than that 😉