[Desktop] View all Tracks among Playlist Folders

In previous versions you could click on a playlist-folder in the left hand pane and see all songs that are included in child-playlists of that folder. You were able to select songs from all of the playlists included in that folder and add them to another playlist or the queue. 

Now you only can go through every child-playlist of that folder and search songs there and it's also not possible anymore to create a playlist-radio for the whole folder.


I used to have a playlist-folder with genre-playlists of music I really like. I could decide whether I'd like to listen to music from a single genre or from all of the genres I like. I know you can still play the whole playlist-folder but you can't just start with your favorite song or browse all the songs included in all child-playlists anymore because there is no list.

Please bring this feature back or at least give us the choice of how we want playlist-folders to be displayed.

Updated on 2019-08-29



Your idea has been submitted a while ago but unfortunately hasn't gathered enough kudos (100 per year). In order to keep an overview of the active & recent ideas in this forum, I'll close this idea for now. However this does not mean that your idea has been declined by Spotify.

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I don't want to have to drag and drop anything. Too much drag and drop causes me RSI for one thing. Secondly what if the folder is far from the top of the list? I have the folder ready, I want to put a new playlist into it. I should be able to. I could before. Not being able to do so is a bug.


It would be like having to create a file in Windows in the root of the directory and then having to drag it to the directory in which you actually want it.





By extension, why not create a second search function for local playlists.

For example the result of searching an artist could shows the folder / sub-folder / playlist where the artist is.

And the same function for a song.


But perhaps it's too difficult or takes too much resource from servers to do this function, i don't know?

Casual Listener

Yes please bring this back. Totally ruined the way I use spotify and finding it very difficult without this! 


For me this was also a realy important feature. So please bring it back.


 Since we already can see the playlists under a folder out on the left side this is redundant information and a result of bad, very bad programming..... As far as I can see there is no possibility now to list all your tunes under a folder. Bring this possibility back as soon as possible, maybe with a new column telling you what playlist it resides in (!). May I then suggest you sack all your developers and instead

hire some serious folks who knows how develop this product instead of destroying it....!  


Indeed, this is a major drawback - I have all my playlists under one big folder, so that through the "track-list" view I could start listening to the more recently added songs. Now I basically lost the "recently added" functionality all together, and need to go under each child playlist to find the tracks... again, one of the many problems of the new update. 


Totally lame that they removed this feature.  Too many of these changes have impacted the enjoyment of Spotify.  Sure hope they fix most of these soon.


I 100% agree with this thread!


I organize new music by month & year. Sometimes I want to see all the music I've added in 2015. With the folder view this is impossible, and I have to granularly go into each monthly playlist to see the songs. Since this is an already an option from the left-hand column, it doesn't make sense to use a folder view, and now wastes a ton of time while searching.


Please please bring back the list view, or at least give us the option of toggling between the folder & list view. It's a big enough hassle that I'm going to downgrade until the issue is resolved.




This is my first time posting in the community, and it's incredible how many features this new update to the desktop app took away. I've been tweeting at Spotify with everything I've found but they hardly ever respond.


I used the "view all songs in a playlist folder" feature CONSTANTLY. I DJ and hate to repeat songs, so my folder of past playlists was really easy to look through. Why is a feature the developers took away and replaced with a completely redundant one listed as a "new idea"?


I don't understand.

Casual Listener

I too create a playlist every month and have done since I joined Spotify in 2011.  Sometimes I want to see all the tracks I selected in a year.  Sometimes I just want to play all those playlists on shuffle.  


Previously I could do this by selecting the parent folder and seeing all the tracks contained inside the sub-folders within... now I can't.  


That makes me sad.