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Desktop Widgets (Windows 7/8 and Mac)

I'd like to see a floaty desktop widget or sidebar similar to what's on Android that just shows current song, play, skip, pause, etc without having to launch the full spotify client.

Updated: 2016-03-21

Update: This idea has been submitted again here:



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I've just been searching for this as well and discovered this tool for Windows: spotifycontrol

On a first impression it seems to work, you can also set hotkeys which is a quite fancy extra imo.


For Mac there's an app called simplify, but it costs $2.99...




Or... Toastify.

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I was looking for sometging like that. iTunes has a mode it goes into when you hit command-shift-M that looks like a widget.

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time to take this back up as a topic!



My brother used one before and I cant remember what its called so it would be awesome if Spotify could release this ! :) 


I found this after some searching:




I like it, but It would be awesome to have an offical gadget made by Spotify

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@Erelaszun Thanks for the tip! That's pretty cool. :)

Only thing that bugs me is that it shows a green background wallpaper when Spotify doesn't run.

Would be cool if it showed the last played album cover then...


I've just created a new skin and made that one transparent.

For me it just shows nothing now when Spotify doesn't run, which is better in my opinion.

Those "Spotify" and "Green" skins were kinda ugly. :D


@premify Could you eplain how to make a clear background for Gadgetify. I agree the stock options are quite ugly.

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@BigOLowrie Sure!


You first need to locate the Gadgetify folder, it is saved under Appdata

C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Sidebar\Gadgets

Then click on the Gadgetify folder => skins

Just create a new folder and name it to your liking (it will show up with that name under the skin options menu of the gadget)


Now you need to create 2 transparent png-pics for that folder (I used the free software GIMP for that):

1 called "frame" with 130x130 px, the other one called "frame_large" with 260x260 px.


Now, just select the new option in the skin menu on the desktop - Done! 

Tell me if it worked for you or if you need more help. ;D