[Desktop] show updated podcasts on desktop

the desktop desperately needs to show you which podcasts updated recently like on the android app. as a heavy desktop user, I have to click through each podcast to see which ones updated. 

Update 2020-12-21: A similar idea can be found here.


Updated on 2020-11-02

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Updated on 2019-11-03

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I just followed this trail of tears from other attempts to get this done. 


As stated by others in previous comments, it's so incredible that this is missing from any product claiming to support podcasts, that I just spent 15 minutes clicking about thinking I had missed it somehow. 


Hey devs, many of us sit at work listening to music, not plugged in to our phones.


1000 times yes! This is desperately needed.


It is impossible to see what podcasts were recently added on Desktop. My workaround is to use the iOS app on my phone as a remote when listening on desktop.


It's crazy that I need to do this when Spotify is trying to push itself as a first class podcast service


How is this not a minimum viable feature of Podcasts ???
And you already have this on the mobile app!

Please, just one generic list view of your obviously already-existing back-end service.
Why would a PO explicitly prioritize feature disparity for so long? Why deploy to prod at all in this tasteless state?


How this is a different behaviour between platforms is very strange. This is a must (and is incredibly useful)


Please update podcasts on the desktop versions of Spotify. The section is not intuitive at all and it is extremely tedious trying to find the most recent episodes of the podcasts I listen to daily.


The feature is already invented and implemented, just make it available on desktop god damnit!!
I can't believe this isn't fixed yet. Every time I want to listen to a new podcast on my computer I have to open up the app on my phone to see what podcasts that have been updated....


I would prefer to add my vote to the thread that has 94 likes already but here we are. At this point there seem to be at least 2 other threads that have 79 and 94 votes. This thread is up to 51. Can we please have the desktop app work like the mobile app for sorting podcasts by episode release date. I pay for the monthly subscription and would like to use the desktop app to listen to my podcasts as well. 


This REALLY needs to be implemented.

Spotify is spending a massive amount of money onp exclusive podcasts but ignoring the fact that user experience for them in the desktop app is utter trash.


The closet thing to a 'newly added' we have is 'Daily podcasts' which not only includes suggestions but simply lists the title with no way to tell what podcast it is from. Its awful.


I was literally browsing podcasts on my phone and having the sync play play it on my desktop, its that bad an experience on desktop. But now ive just given up and am paying for pocket casts.