[Discover] Improvements to the Discover Tab

Please note: Discover is only in the rollout phase, so if you don't have it yet don't panic! It will come your way at some point in the future. For anyone who doesn't know, Discover is the replacement for the current What's New Tab.


Rorey (Community Manager) has already confirmed on another ideas topic here (copied below) that there is currently no plans to return the "What's New" page.


While we don't plan to bring back the "What's New" page, we've heard a lot of the feedback regarding the Discover page. We hope to improve the type of content displayed in Discover to provide handpicked recommendations that we think you'll love.


Discover should also give an explanation regarding "why" the content is displayed. For example, if you've listened to Drake, Spotify will explain that you've listened to Lloyd. Alternatively, if you've been recommended a track, it may be because you're following someone who also listened to that track. The goal is to recommend tracks the way a friend would.


Formerly, the "What's New" page recommended just that: What's New. If the content in the "What's New" page wasn't relevant to you, you were out of luck. However, with Discover, you'll be recommended content based on who you "follow", what you've added to your Collection, and new releases from artists you "follow". 


For now, we're going to mark this idea as "case closed" as we don't have plans to bring back the "What's New" page. However, if you feel you'd like content which already appears in your Collection to not appear in Discover, please head over here and create a new topic. We're eagerly awaiting feedback on this topic. 


This post is going to serve as a holder for all of the other ideas and feedback about the discover tab (don't worry, kudos from this idea are noted!). 

Please add your kudos and comments to the linked topics below (if you agree), if you have anymore suggestions for improvements, make a new topic with [Discover] in the title and I will add it here. 


Current Suggestions for Improvement:


Apparently if you have been pushed to Discover you can still access What's New in client (this is most likely unsupported!):

What's New 


Alternatively, if you haven't yet been pushed to Discover, you can manually load the page:



Searching for "Tag:new" in the desktop client will also give you new albums.


Spotify have announced they are looking at a way of showing new releases in the client - stay tuned for updates!



I do not work for Spotify

Updated: 2015-03-31

I guess it's alright to close this idea, since it hasn't been updated in a while and most links lead to a dead end (access denied) or to inactive/implemented ideas. If you have further feedback about the Discover feature, feel free to post a new idea in the ideas submission (after using the search). Thanks! 🙂


I largely agree with Peter, but I'll ruminate a bit here too.


1) One of the things that I think( thought?) was great about Spotify was the "new releases" section the "What's New tab." Even if it weren't something that I wanted to listen to myself, it was a useful tool to stay abreast to what was going on in the broader music community.


2) I've always thought that one of the things spotify does poorly is make recommendations -- at least for me. I suspect it's a means based estimation, based on particular artists. In fact, none of the recommendations are based on more than two artists, and when there are two artists they tend to be very similar artists. A much better method (and I think the one employed by Pandora) is to identify characteristics of music that I find appealing across a wide array of genres, and give me a long list of options. The way spotify does it now appears to focus around what's currently popular -- and popular is certainly not synonymous with good.


Said another way, it seems to me that most of the recommendations are based on a system that identifies people who listen to artist A (and maybe emphasizes people who listen to artist A a lot) and then identifies the top 10 or 15 artists that those people also listen to. And this is a very crude method of "Discovering" music.


3) Most of the music that it is trying to get me to "Discover" I already know about. So there is no discovering going on, just forced recommendations that I'm (a) aware of and (b) not interested in. 


4) That layout is really ugly. Have a single album cover take up over an 1/8 of the screen space of one of my monitors is a huge waste of real estate (and the gigantic bolded font is like spotify is yelling at me to listen to music I don't like).


Not applicable

This is Spotify's Discorery view!



Casual Listener

I use to love the "whats new" function and want it back now, please!!!



Music Fan

Haveve to say I seriously dislike the discover tab, and I am at a loss without the 'what’s new' tab.

I have written about this in a few posts at my anger how my listening experience has changed

I pay for a subscription to spotify, and it is my constant

This is enough for me to leave spotify and give my money to another provider


I have a very large range in musical tastes

I like to listen and discover new music.

Music that is released NOW, this year, 2013.

Next year I'll be listening to 2014


I am 46 yrs old and 80% of what I am told to discover on the 'discover' tab I have already 'discovered' and moved on!

10% of the rest are bands from a few, or many years ago.

I ain't bothered!

I'll await their new album, and I like I'll go back and discover their back catalogue should I like (if i've not heard them before).

This is my musical life, and has been since I joined spotify in 2009

I'm sure many will find discover great, but it isn't what I want, and worse still I cannot see why we can't have the option of both tabs??

Is that really so hard?



Music Fan

And as for how it looks - gastly, a whole page to tell me about a band I already own 15 albums by...gee thanks..

As said I have actively looked at other sites, rdio being the best so far for what I want.

I was though pointed to swarmFM on a spotify app which is ok.

I like albums and this really doesn’t differentiate between singles and albums, plus my computer seems to run a lot slower, and seem to lose connection more than I ever have.

Personally ‘discover’ is a MASSIVE step backwards for me, and could cause me to leave spotify altogether...

Deeply devastated



So far, I'm definitely not finding the "Discover" tab useful, but I'm not necessarily against it's existence.  Why not keep the very useful "What's new" tab along with discover?


I checked "What's New" daily and discovered a lot of new music I would have never found the way that "Discover" works.


Bring it back!!!




Would definitely agree with the people above. The ability to see New Releases was definitely something I liked seeing. I may not follow every single band I'd to listen to, but when I'd see that someone released a new album, I'd be more likely to check it out. 


I like the direction you're going with Discovery, but I think if you just brought back the New Releases section, that would be perfect.



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Shouldn't this be marked as new idea?

Community Legend

Me and Premify have asked for staff input before doing so 😉 




If Spotify want to have a new discover tab - fine, although I find it useless as it just suggest bands I listen to already or ones I intentionaly chose not to! - however why remove the what's new tab completely?? One of the great things about Spotify is that you can keep abreast of all the new releases via 'what's new'. I've found many new artists this way and no doubt far more than i would via the discover tab. I hardly ever write into these forums moaing, but this has really wound me up. I use Spotify primarily as a tool to discover new music - if I like it i then buy it. Removing the what's new tab instantly dimishes Spotify's relevance hugely. Please take this feedback on board!