Discover Mode for Radio

I'd like to be able to toggle on/off a 'Music Discovery' setting whilst listening to a Spotify Radio Station.


Sometimes I'm happy to hear artists repeated in a Spotify radio station, but sometimes I just want to hear something new.


Instead of changing the radio station algorithm to never repeat artists, like some forum members have suggested, how about letting the user opti-in to Discovery Mode.


It could be implemented into the GUI with a subtle toggle that appears next to the current radio station title. 


Update: This idea has been reposted here.


Updated on 2018-06-15


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Very nice and detailed idea - kudos.

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Also, sometimes play songs that has a none or low popularity only, so these songs become exposured too.

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Very nice idea! This is actually one of the features I've been waiting for, as radio for me is all about discovering new music. +1 kudo


yes please

Good idea. Often times I find myself not wanting to "like" a song from radio because improving the station usually means that that artist just becomes overplayed or if I dislike them, it never plays again. I really think the like/dislike system is fundamentally flawed currently

MY GOD IT IS SO FRUSTRATING HOW REPETITIVE THE RADIO APP IS!!!!!!!!!!! I literally had the same song come on 3 times out of 6 songs. SOMETHING HAS TO BE DONE ABOUT THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I really liked, but they didn't get a license anymore, so I hope Spotify is coming with a similar way of working. This is so great to discover new music that matches songs / artists / styles you know!

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Same thing here, I switch to Radio to discover new songs, but you pretty fast done with that as the same songs keep repeating (even getting more familiar than the original playlist the Radio was based on....). Please add Discovery option, great idea!

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That is a perfect idea! Please implement it ASAP, otherwise radio is useless!!! same songs over and over and over, they just keep repeating!