Discover Mode for Radio

I'd like to be able to toggle on/off a 'Music Discovery' setting whilst listening to a Spotify Radio Station.


Sometimes I'm happy to hear artists repeated in a Spotify radio station, but sometimes I just want to hear something new.


Instead of changing the radio station algorithm to never repeat artists, like some forum members have suggested, how about letting the user opti-in to Discovery Mode.


It could be implemented into the GUI with a subtle toggle that appears next to the current radio station title. 


Update: This idea has been reposted here.


Updated on 2018-06-15


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OK. Many of the songs on the Pop radio station are Spanish. There needs to be a radio language option that enables you to set what language(s) you want your songs to be heard. It's so weird having to thumb-down every Spanish song I hear on the radio.

Casual Listener
I need this feature
Casual Listener

I dont mind listning to the same artist, its the same songs that bother me. Very simple, if you base a radio station on a playlist or song in order to here new music then why would you want to here songs you allready have in that playlist. I have even found it repeats the same songs 5 or 6 times in under an hour. I like your Idea but there should be various options to allow users to tailor the radio to suite themselves,  like, exclude artists found at source, exclude songs found at source etc etc.


So why not have an Advanced Radio option, a bit like an advanced search option on say youtube for example. From here you can choose to have no repeats on songs / artists or do not play songs i currently have, you could select the laungauge, year created etc etc.

Gig Goer

I agree, the radio feature is Spotify's weakest point.  I like the controls that Slacker Radio has.  Sliders to change the music mix for such variables as Favorite Songs, Popular Songs and Newer Songs.



Music Fan

I like the idea behind this but personally I'd rather the radio not play a SONG that you have in your library, rather than not play an ARTIST. For example, I've got lots of songs from many different artists and I'd love to hear their other stuff too - could be a nice way of doing it.


If you like an artist lots you're likely to have all of their songs in your playlist anyway, preventing you from hearing them on the radio.

This way you may even discover songs from your favourite artists that you didn't know even existed; something that would be blocked if you stopped artists from playing.


Just my two cents. Great idea :D

Casual Listener

Why is this still not being developed? If it is, please let us know.

This idea was posted in 2012..


Good radio is very much about providing new music one should like, but may have never heard or doesn't often hear.


As a heavy radio user that's been frustrated for a while with repeated or unwanted tracks, I decided to put together some pseudo-code for an algorithm to address these issues.


The algorithm assumes we don't want to hear repeats often or that we would rather not hear sometimes 75% or more of tracks that belong to a playlist when playlist radio is being played from said playlist (currently the case).  If we want to listen to a playlist, I think we would just click "Play" not "Start Playlist Radio".


Here goes:


if next potential track has been played during current session:
    choose different next potential track

if (radio is playlist radio) and (next potential track makes total playlist tracks contained in list of played current session tracks above 15% ):

    choose next potential track not from playlist

Also, I've noticed that every post raising this issue is instantly flamed as a duplicate to this thread that was closed becuase the title would be considered "hard to implement".  Although the suggestion was somewhat vague, it was completely valid,  and every following suggestion to improve the radio shouldn't suffer the same fate as a result.