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[Discover] Notifications for New Releases of followed Artists

Status: Case Closed

In the latest update the notification area of new songs from artists you follow was removed. I want it back!
At the moment there is no point to follow any artist because email or mobile push nofications don't work either.
I want to see new songs from the artists I follow somehow.

Updated on 2020-06-17

Thanks for coming to the Community, and adding your votes to this idea.
We’re always working on improving the Spotify experience, but this isn't something we have any immediate plans to implement.
We're marking this as 'case closed'.
In the meantime, although this isn't exclusively artists you follow, we'd recommend checking out the 'New releases for you' section under Browse > Discover.

Status changed to: New Idea
Updated: 2016-04-24

Marked as new idea and edited the title slightly to make it easier to find via search. 😉
At the moment this is a test by Spotify for a few users only, but make sure to add your kudos and comments here if you want to see it back. More info about those tests can be found here.


When is this test going to end? How do I opt out? And what is the point of this test anyways? Why would you even consider this being a good idea to make the feature of following artists COMPLETELY USELESS. Because that's exactly what it is right now for me and any other user who has been chosen to take part in this test. I follow well over 100 artists and now it's pointless because I'm not informed about any releases from them at all.


But you know what is the worst part? It's not even that the feature is gone. It's the absolute lack of any kind of communication from Spotify what so ever. Why don't you just tell us the point of removing the feature? Maybe we are missing something that simply needs to be explained to us? Are you looking to replace the notifications with something else that achieves the same task (of informing the user about new releases) in some other (maybe better) way? If so, then why not JUST TELL US? It's really really frustrating how you just keep removing features without explaining the reasoning behind it.

I can't understand the reason why spotify stops the email notifications about new releases. This is unacceptable !!! Bring it back immediately! !!

Bring back notifications NOW.





spotify don't listen to their paying users at all. time to look for an alternative people!



Hey people, as far as I can tell there's no need to get excited—


If you go to your settings and scroll down to "Display Options", there is a toggle for "Show announcements about new releases".  I believe that this is off by default, but it seems to me that this would fix your problems.




The problem solved !!! I discuss the issue with spotifycares in twitter and they bring back the email notifications !!!

Toggling the "Show Announcements about New Features" setting clearly doesn't do anything. What's the deal, Spotify? This is one of the most important parts of Spotify and has been for years and years! I've been a member since Spotify came to the US in July 2011, and Premium for three years!


I'm able to see the notifications, but I don't receive it very often. Actually I got it 2 times in a lifetime. Sometimes I just discover new songs when looking to artists page. Why that? If I follow the artist, I should expect to receive a notification for EVERY new release (for everyone of my followed artist), no matter if it's a new single or a new album or the amount of artists I follow. This should really be fixed because it's annoying and pointless to follow someone on the app (desktop and IOS - although I always experienced the same on android as well).