[Discover] Notifications for New Releases of followed Artists

In the latest update the notification area of new songs from artists you follow was removed. I want it back!
At the moment there is no point to follow any artist because email or mobile push nofications don't work either.
I want to see new songs from the artists I follow somehow.

Updated on 2020-06-17

Thanks for coming to the Community, and adding your votes to this idea.
We’re always working on improving the Spotify experience, but this isn't something we have any immediate plans to implement.
We're marking this as 'case closed'.
In the meantime, although this isn't exclusively artists you follow, we'd recommend checking out the 'New releases for you' section under Browse > Discover.


Still nothing after 2 years? Come on, bring back that feature, please!

Casual Listener

Spotify, why isnt this a thing? What exactly is the point of following artists if it doesnt do anything? Please enlighten me, from a design point of view... why is the “follow” button there if not to get notifications from the artist’s page? 


Domagam się niezwłocznego przywrócenia powiadamiania o wszystkich nowych utworach danego artysty za pomocą wiadomości e-mail.


It is truly dissapointing. Spotify have been absolutley pathetic in giving a clear reason for removing this. From any user's perspective, there is no donwside to the email notifictaion system. If users did not want these emails, they can simply opt out in settings. This was absolutely amazing when it was on Spotify and a life saver. The release radar is also terrible as per above. It refreshes each week, losing information on releases from the previos week if you did't have the chance to scroll through it. It also adds in suggested songs from artists I have not listened to for 3 years! Worst of all, it does not even show all the releases from all myl followed artists that week as I later I find myself fustrated to see a favourite artist's release a few weeks later on their page. Its simply unacceptable that spotify also does this with no communication to their users on why and carelessly put a 'Not right now' stamp on every request. Truly dissapointed.

Music Fan

Lets go Spotify...bring it back!




"our teams feel this is currently fulfilled by our Release Radar playlist"


the release radar playlist doesn't fulfill this need. spotify prefers users to find new music via playlists because you can better control what we listen to. otherwise, this feature would have long been standard.

Casual Listener

Its insane a music service won't alert you when your favorite artist uploads a new album. How should I know? I can't smell it can I? BRING BACK THE NOTIFICATIONS NOW. Its the most basic feature which was included years ago. Shame on you Spotify for ignoring your users.


It's been 3 years now. No reason to NOT notify users with CORRESPONDING SETTINGS via a push about new releases of the artists THEY FOLLOW. Make it happen already please.


Will you be bringing this one back or at least allow us a place or playlist that we can access the songs? I get the pop up notifications but sometimes i click to fast and close it on accidcent or i dismiss it for now as i am listening to another playlist and then i forget about it. Now i dont know who it was.


I agree entirely with the original poster - there is absolutely no point "following" an artist if you are not notified of additions to the artist's content.  I'm sure I used to get notifications of new releases of artists I was following but it just stopped at some point.  Now I don't know what I'm missing because I'm not some teen who has time to follow the music news on a daily basis.


In fact, despite having every notification checkbox ticked except the "concert notifications" one, I haven't had an email from Spotify in months about anything.