[Discover] Notifications for New Releases of followed Artists

Status: Case Closed

In the latest update the notification area of new songs from artists you follow was removed. I want it back!
At the moment there is no point to follow any artist because email or mobile push nofications don't work either.
I want to see new songs from the artists I follow somehow.

Updated on 2020-06-17

Thanks for coming to the Community, and adding your votes to this idea.
We’re always working on improving the Spotify experience, but this isn't something we have any immediate plans to implement.
We're marking this as 'case closed'.
In the meantime, although this isn't exclusively artists you follow, we'd recommend checking out the 'New releases for you' section under Browse > Discover.



Please bring the Notifications bell/tab back NOW!

This is one of the best features you guys have and now you took it away.

It is the easiest way to discover new music from the artists one follows.


The Push notifications / emails just add another complication to something that was simply one of the easiest accessible features. I do not want to go click on each email and hit Listen all the time. Most people discover new music usually on the desktop version (especially for the artists they follow).


Please do not try and fix something that is not broken.



you cannot be serious on this one. i only logged in to this forum when the bell was gone, complained, saw the bell added in again a few days later, and now its gone again. REALLY?!?!?!??!?!?


GIVE US BACK OUR BELL!!! (I mean, seriously, why would you take something away that NOBODY wanted to see gone? Even if its some fancy strategic move from some department within spotify: please think it over. because otherwise (as some in here and the other post already stated), your users might overthink using spotify. is that really worth it?!)


Please bring back the bell! #bringbackthebell


I don't understand what the point of following artists anymore is.  I predominantly listen to spotify through desktop (and follow artists actively) and now since I don't have my phone anymore and desktop notifications were removed I don't know when artists release anything anymore.  This is such a shame.  I am seriously considering canceling my premium account and moving to another streaming site.  

if you search around you can find links to download old versions and then create some read-only files to prevent Spotify from auto-updating... so far it is working... but doesn't mean they won't find another way to screw us over from getting the notificaitons bell icon


This is what I found

PC users:
and then used this
Go to C:/Users/<Name>/Appdata/Roaming/Spotify

1. Make a new empy text file
2. Name it Spotify_new.exe
3. Right click the file and make the file read only

1. Make a new empty text file
2. Name it Spotify_new.exe.sig
3. Right click the file and make the file read only

Spotify will not be able to update because it can't delete the files, because they are read only, all future upgrades will fail.

This method is easy to use and permanent.


Find and download a copy of 0.8.5 here:
Mount the image and replace the application in your Applications folder with the downloaded one
Now to make sure Spotify doesn't auto-update:
Go to your ~/Library folder - you can do this in Finder by doing shift+cmd+g and typing "~/Library" without the quotes and hitting enter
Go to Application Support/Spotify
Delete Spotify_new.archive and Spotify_new.archive.sig (if they are there)
Now open your favorite text editor, I used TextWrangler
Make two blank documents and save them as "Spotify_new.archive" and "Spotify_new.archive.sig" - without the quotes, the same file names as the ones you deleted
Right click each file and go to "Get Info"
Check the "Locked" button on each and close the info window
You should now see a small lock icon on each file
Restart Spotify and enjoy 0.8.5 without auto updates to 0.8.8


I posted this in one of the other related threads, too; but I want to make sure my fellow posters here who've had issues with receiving e-mail and/or push notifications know that an employee has, at last, acknowledged to me that they know there are problems with those being reliable.  Next step, actually fixing them? I can dream.


Hello (me),


Appreciate your response.


We’re afraid we don’t have an exact timeframe for the notifications to be fully functional, and we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.


Meanwhile, if you need any further help or have any more questions, don’t hesitate to get back in touch.


All the best,


"I like beautiful melodies telling me terrible things" – Tom Waits


Please put it back! You can't scroll back to play songs from older notifications when they're through email or phone because normal people delete emails and clear phone notifications. Who was it hurting?


Seriously, you guys at Spotify live on a different plane of existance.


I have to say that just like everyone else here, I'm similarly irritated. First of all - I can't understand how a company thinks that it's a good idea to remove a core feature such as this, even more so when this change is in no way communicated to the users. I am yet to see any justification from Spotify for this removal of functionality (maybe I'm missing something). As previous users have commented, if it has been removed because it is to be replaced by something else/something better, or if it has been removed for stability reasons then that's fine. However, without bilateral communication between user and supplier, the only result is going to be a group of disgruntled users.


I also wonder how bands/artists feel about this. I would have thought that this notification system would be an upside for them as it helps to get word out about their new releases - without it they mights as well rely on old-fashioned advertising methods....


I have an Apple iPhone 6S+ on iOS 9.3.3 Developer Beta and I don't get Push Notifications even though there are new albums released, I have Push Notifications enabled I triple checked it. Tried to also uninstall it with no luck.


Artist notifications are the primary reason I switched to a subscription service over buying albums as they came out. I really don't have any interest in clicking through every artist I like every week to see if there's something new. Every other subscription service offers this basic feature. It's absurd to remove it "just to test it out" with some users. They're about a week away from losing me as a customer if it's not remedied.