[Discover] Preview Tracks on Discover Page

Please bring back the preview button to the discover page. It helped me a lot when going through tracks on the discover page to see which ones I liked. :(

Updated on 2018-06-16


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I agree.

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Agree as well - Used that feature daily and have really found myself using discover a lot less without it.

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Wait, can someone tell me what this feature used to do? I don't really use the "Browse"-section but if it's about a song/album/playlist: can you not just click fast through the song's timebar to get the feeling of the song?

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On old Discover, you could click and hold on any play button and it would give you a preview. It was handy because you could do this without interrupting your current play queue (it would continue where you left off once you let go of the mouse button). 

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Just out of curiosity, does anyone have any idea why they removed this from the Discover tab, where it was useful, but left it working in other Browse tabs? Is it just broken and not worth fixing? It would definitely be nice to have it back, either way. I used it all the time when it worked.

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Thanks for clearing that up for me, @Peter. Yes, this feature seems to be useful and should be coming back!


Yes, please return the PREVIEW! It is needed.


(And also bring Discover back to the front.)


As others have said, I agree that this should return.  I found it to be an invaluable tool on the discovery page for testing out whether I should give a new artist a listen or not.  I find it really bizarre that this feature would be, so rather randomly, removed like that; sadly a common theme that I've found with Spotify in general.


I completely agree. This was the best way for me to quickly find new music to listen to as the discover page generally does a good job of giving me stuff that I like. without this function, the discover page is now pretty much useless and I have been using spotify much less without this constant stream of new music.

terrible decision in my opinion (and others judging by the amount of posts that came up when I searched for a solution!)